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5 Watt LED Bulb equivalent

1) Metallized Polyster Capacitor

1 uf/250 Volt(105K),
.1uf/250 Volt(104K)
Collectively they have been effective at offering approx. 85mA existing to circuit.
They are utilized in synchronous for obtaining 5 Watt production.

2) Noise Suppression Capacitor

103 M or 103 K X1, Y2 (.01uf)
Voltage rating should be over 250 Volt.right here 2 KV score is used.
The purpose of utilizing this component will be reducing along the High frequency indicators produced by the circuit it self and gets rid of the buzzing sound in metallized polyster capacitor.

3) bad Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Surge security Thermistor.

10D-9 Ohm Ntc is employed as ICL(inrush current limiting).
It really is energy conserving in contrast of bleeder opposition.
It is opposition reduce with boost in temperature.So in operation it at first provides some weight and from then on minimal resistance emerges by NTC.

4) Electrolytic Capacitor

Instead utilize 100uf/100 V capacitor.
Considering regional availability, two 470 uf/63 V capacitor tend to be conneced in series, to make certain that their voltage rating becomes doubles and filteration capacity only halfed in accordance with show rule of capacitor.
This show combination is equivalent to 235 uf/126 V.

5) Discharging resistor

a.)47 kilo ohm / 1 Watt or 1/2 Watt resistance accounts for quickly absorption of fee within the electrolytic capacitor as soon as the switch is deterred.
Discharging Cap Value is choosen from R-C time constant formula.

b.) 1 Mega Ohm / 1/4 watt is used for metallized polyster limit.

6) Show Resistance

1 Ohm/2 Watt
For preventing the Quick Circuiting of LED's if the rise is bypassed to load, this 2 watt weight falls surge across it before-going into load.So it ensures security of load such form of problems.

7) 27 x 1 watt Led

Use adhesive regarding straight back part of led and put on aluminum sheet of approximately 24 gauge in thickness .

Source: www.instructables.com
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