15FEB 2017

The best LED color change apps

Today you can easily pimp your phone with numerous apps available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Apps provide you the ability to turn your mobile into a very smart device that can make your life brighter and easier. There is an ability to control your home devices with the help of such apps like WeMo and Ninja Blocks. You can also add more comfortable TV streaming using such apps like DirecTV and Showbox. But what do you know about the LED apps?

Today, the most of Android handsets sport a discreet multi-color LED light. Usually, it shines with a default color to let you know if there is something requiring your attention. But what if you want to edit the notification colors? Here are some apps that you can enjoy.

1. Light Flow

It is probably the most well-known app with LED brightness control. The app will allow you to control blinking and to set up your own settings. The app has a pro version available for $2.49. The pro version supports a huge list of apps, so do not miss a chance to try it!

2. Light Manager

The app will help you to define a color for different sorts of notifications. There are three brightness steps available and the ability to set a delay for turning the LED on after a notification has been received. You can also adjust the flashing rate to assign some of your contacts with a specific color. Light Manager supports notifications from all the apps installed on your phone, making it one of the best LED apps ever. The alternating mode will show you all the notifications that need to be read flashing the LED in different colors.

3. LED Blinker Notifications

This app is considered to be the classic. It is a little bit slower than the two mentioned above, but still, users can enjoy the list of notifications plainly shown right before eyes and the ability to customize lights in RGB. There is an ability to control brightness via a percentage slider, control the blink rate and use your smartphone's screen as a fake LED. Though the lite version can annoy you with ads, you can escape this part with a full version that will cost you $2.35.

6JAN 2017

The best quality of streaming:
Sling TV vs Hulu

When we are talking about video streaming companies, one of the most important things to mention is the quality of streaming. We want the best quality for the best price, and that is why there are so many companies that offer us different types of TV-streaming available. There is always a competition between them and each company tries to show its best sides. Still, if we focus particularly on the quality of streaming, cable TV usually wins. Let us see what results we will get comparing two of the most popular streaming companies, Sling TV and Hulu.


The company provides us the ability to watch numerous latest shows using different devices such as TV, computer, mobile, and some others. Most of them are available in HD, which makes it possible to watch shows in a really good quality. It is not just about Hulu. Nearly every cable provider, such as Netflix or Amazon, will give you the same or sometimes even better quality. Still, if we want to see the real advantage of a cable TV, we have to compare it to some other sort of streaming company.

Sling TV

The most common question about Sling TV concerns the quality of the picture we see. We can surely say that it is good. Still, not so good as it is provided by cable TV. The quality is nearly close to the best Verizon Fios' HD channel with the only difference: the picture is a little softer. You can also see the reduction of the quality while making a channel-surf. Furthermore, the quality can briefly drop due to the low-speed internet connection. So if you are looking for the best one, you have to focus on those Internet providers, who offer you a high-speed connection. In this case, you can enjoy the best quality of streaming. It is worth to mention that device with a smaller screen will show you good results as well.

If you are trying to figure out who is the winner of the contest Sling TV vs Hulu, you have to consider the above-mentioned facts and then make your own choice depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the device you usually use to watch shows.

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