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LED Lighting Comparison

  • Typically make use of about 25%-80percent less energy than old-fashioned incandescents, saving you money
  • Can last 3-25 times longer.

These days's energy-efficient light bulbs can be found in the wide range of colors and light amounts you've arrive at expect. While the initial price of energy-efficient light bulbs is usually greater than conventional incandescents, more recent light bulbs cost less to operate, helping you save cash on the life of the bulb. A number of the newer bulbs last somewhat longer than standard light bulbs, so that you don't have to change them as often.

The table below measures up a 60 watt (W) standard incandescent with energy conserving bulbs that provide comparable light levels.

Reviews between Typical Incandescents, Halogen Incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs

60W Traditional Incandescent

Energy-Saving Incandescent



60W Traditional 43W Halogen

Energy $ Saved (percent)




~75%-80per cent


Annual Energy Cost*





Bulb Life

1000 hours

1000 to 3000 hours

10, 000 hours

25, 000 hours

LED Street Lighting Comparison eeS GROUP
LED Street Lighting Comparison eeS GROUP
LED Tunnel Lighting Comparison
LED Tunnel Lighting Comparison
lighting comparison between our TH LB2288 LED light bar
lighting comparison between our TH LB2288 LED light bar ...
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