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Info on LED lights

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

When electrical current flows through a semiconductor, it excites the electrons inside the diode, making all of them launch photons, which we come across as light.


Standard product of measurement regarding the total amount of light that is created from a light emitting resource. The higher the number, the brighter the light.

IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating)

Specifies the defense of electric gear in confirmed environment. All of our off-road light pubs, work lights, and mimi-aux's tend to be IP67 or IP68 rated. The bigger the numbers, the greater the amount of protection.

Optical Efficiency

Steps simply how much the full total lumens sent into that element come out of it, through the optical areas. The larger the rating the higher the amount of light being broadcast. (See Natural vs. Efficient Lumens)

LED Watts vs. Power Consumption

Because an LED is driven at its complete ability does not mean there is certainly benefit in this. For instance, a 3W LED are driven at 3W, a 5W driven can be driven at 5W, etc. Driving an LED at optimum power produces greater temperature, which reduces lifespan. A balance between Light-emitting Diode wattage additionally the lights; other components, including the heatsink, allow for maximum operating efficiency and light result, while prolonging life span.

Lumen score is normally the significant factors always valuate LED lights. But are those lumen numbers natural lumens, or efficient lumens? What exactly is the difference?

Within the instances below, the LEDs tend to be ranked at 100 lumens each. Aspects particularly heat, contacts, and operating energy of LEDs will impact the natural Lumen value, causing less price which is the actual, or effective lumen production.

Natural lumen output is a theoretical price instead of a genuine dimension of of good use, or effective light. Raw lumens tend to be calculated by multiplying because of the theoretical output rate for the LEDs because of the number of LEDs inside lamp.

efficient lumen result is the actual measurement of light result that takes under consideration thermal/optical reduction, plus the power level where the LEDs are being driven. This might be accomplished by utilizing high-tech photometry gear that steps the efficient lumen output of a light.

Flood Beam Pattern

Broad light structure for illuminating close areas at short-distance.

Spot Beam Pattern

Narrow beam of focused light for very long range exposure.

Combo-Beam Pattern

Both place and flooding ray habits for illuminating distance, along with, close areas in a single lamp.

Selectable Multi-Beam

User may pick Spot, Flood, or both ray habits in one single lamp.

Every light holds the Super vibrant LEDs title must meet rigid quality requirements. Our fully-equipped in-house test laboratory uses the most recent equipment required for photometric / electric examination, lasting lumen upkeep assessment, and stress-testing for environmental circumstances assuring our clients get the best quality items.

Attack test

real-world using off road lights are brutal. To see exactly how our lights will respond into the most extreme problems, as well as for only a little fun, we utilize attack screening solutions to make sure the lights you get will last towards most abusive punishments. Through drilling, cutting, freezing, losing, smashing, and burning up, our lights not only hold up, but continued to work. These examinations have created such exemplary performance during these items, that people confidently back these with an eternity Warranty.

Super Bright LEDs, Inc. warrants that services and products holding a very long time Warranty is free from problems when you look at the product and workmanship the time of the merchandise. If an LED or any other interior component fails, return the merchandise to Super Bright LEDs, Inc. for assessment. If, after assessment, Super vibrant LEDs verifies that defect wasn't caused by neglect, punishment, unauthorized restoration or disassembly, we'll change this product with the exact same item. In case the exact item is no longer offered, a product of equal value are replaced.

LED Lightsaber
LED Lightsaber
InfoAlert LED Light
InfoAlert LED Light
RV LED Lighting Upgrade W:Specs:Info On My Campervan
RV LED Lighting Upgrade W:Specs:Info On My Campervan
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