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LED lights for TV

High Quality Lightweight and Affordable

The CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Lighting Kits are a lightweight, transportable, and affordable lighting effects solution. Ideal cellular studio burning answer for photo, video, or movie manufacturing. For sale in complete sunlight or flexible color heat (bi-color) models.

Accurate Color Tall CRI High Quality

All CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED light bulbs undergo a stringent high quality assurance procedure to ensure durability, illumination, and an amazing shade stability regarding burning circumstance.

Portability and versatility

All CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Lights are driven externally because of the included wall adapter, or driven through industry standard Sony NP-F design Batteries or V-Mount (dependent on model), making all of them perfect for both studio and remote location productions. Plus, all units incorporate an integrated dimmer that offers you complete control over the brightness of your illumination setup.

Whether you’re a broadcast expert, or filmmaking enthusiast, our CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Light Panels will be the perfect lighting effects option for of production requirements.

Item Comparison Dining Table

Model CAME-576D CAME-576B CAME-1092D CAME-1092B CAME-1806D CAME-1806B
Illumination(lm) 3800lm 6700lm 12000lm
Power 38W 72W 120W
CRI 96
Color temperature(°K) 5500K±300K 3200K~5800K
Beam Angle 45°
Filters soft, orange, milky-white smooth, milky-white
Size 29*30*5.5cm (11.4*11.8*2.6in) 58*29*5.5cm (22.8*11.4*2.6in) 88*29*5.5cm (35.6*11.4*2.6in)
Source: www.came-tv.com
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