Led Lights For Home Price

LED Lights for Home price

Great trim piece for high caps

Good value and simple set up to be used with all the Halo 6" high hat. One-piece construction.


3 years ago

Adds an excellent final touch to my recessed lights.

This baffle trim offers a more attractive look to recessed illumination, much better than the plastic trim I've utilized in the last.


one year ago

Great option for the spending plan minded! Easy to install!

I had utilized these baffle trims for a renovation i did so within my past residence and pleased that I bought all of them for my newest renovation. These are generally very easy to put in and look good. They truly are airtight and save you some $$'s if you're on a tight budget. I am looking to install the Light-emitting Diode lights to truly save much more $$'s.

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4 years back

Love These Lights!

Bought the first one out of the shop & after setting up it I purchased 9 more. Love these lights, they look good additionally the install had been painless.


Under 15 watts for 65 watts of light

LED gets a lot more popular as rates fall. No reason not to ever make use of them now. This installation will easily fit in a 5" will nevertheless trim will cover to a 6" can.


Gorgeous, work great

Wonderful light, attractive installation. Instant on, need not watch for lights to "brighten" after flip activate. Goes from modest light to extremely brilliant on dimmer switch. At times want it could be dimmed a little more, but only very sporadically. Breathtaking, fashionable look of fixtures. Love all of them!


a couple of years ago

Kind eyeball recessed light

This light creates a great brilliant but soft light. It had been easy to put in, nonetheless it performed need you to ground the installation, in contrast to the basic flood that simply screwed into the existing plug. When you have to switch all of them lots for directing the light, you can see some heat fins on back for the light. They're not unsightly, but I just would not anticipate see all of them. You can not seem to turn all of them just as much as the old traditional eyeball lights. I recommend.


Great Item ! A great new look for a 30 year-old Can

It took me personally about three full minutes to gut each old spotlight from the 3 assemblies, and another three minutes each to install this excellent brand new system. and when we switched them on I heard of light! wow they lit up my kitchen counter location like never before. what an extremely great product. Immediately upgraded my lighting.


Sweet features, low cost, full rotation, dims well

Dims thru complete range without flickering. They certainly were available for sale for around $30/ea. They appear much more hi-tech and better quality compared to the stationary filtered trims of $23, worth the difference. Another review reported that these is only going to pivot on one axis and that you need to turn the can for various other axis. That is not proper. The pivot is mounted to a rotating ring, so that it has actually full modification. The ring is somewhat difficult to turn, which is why I gave it 4-stars. Besides that, I like ... find out more these. I've set up 8 so far.


8 months ago

Awesome recessed light!

I replaced my old-fashioned light accessories with one of these Halo recessed light fixtures. The design is current and modern-day. They were easy to put in since they incorporate a screw base adapter for retrofitting the old housing. They don't give off plenty of temperature because of the low voltage. Each light creates the same as a 60 watt bulb and it's really only 9 watts. Great energy efficiency!

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Led Lighting For Home
Led Lighting For Home
LED Lights for Home
LED Lights for Home
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