Dimmable LED desk lamp

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

If you’ve got a desk you require a table lamp for it why perhaps not get a Light-emitting Diode one as they’ve gotten better and brighter and they’re simply less expensive to use in addition they last longer than incandescent light bulbs do. These days for analysis I’ve got an dimmable Light-emitting Diode table lamp from an organization labeled as oak-leaf and I’m very happy with it. This lamp has actually an integrated USB port into the base to charge your stuff and it has three various color heat setting and five quantities of brightness per temperature setting. The lamp is very well-crafted plus it looks great. Keep reading to find out more..

Specifications and functions

  • Superior Light Quality: Enjoy comfortable, non-flickering light for stress-free efficiency and down-time. Light emitting panel provides powerful yet even light without harsh glare or shadows.
  • 2015 Best Design LED Table Lamp: Luxury Chic modern design that obviously gels any area; try it along with your workplace, bed room, research or family area
  • Economical and eco-friendly: These power-saving LEDs final over 25 many years, therefore you’ll never have to transform a light bulb once again. Solid base with non-slip product ensures powerful general stability. 
  • Intelligent functions: choose from 3 lighting effects modes (study, flake out and bedtime) and 5 dimming levels. Flexible lamp-arm with turnable base guarantees you are able to get the right angle. Built-in USB slot charges smart phones, pills and e-readers 
  • 24 Month Warranty & Friendly Customer Service: we a consignment to each and every purchaser 100percent individual satisfaction. in the end, we are customers, too, so if you have any problem about our oak-leaf Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, simply contact us to refund or get back. You Can Relax Knowing Your Financial Investment is Shielded.

Our oak-leaf Dimmable Desk Lamp is not just a smart lamp for your house or work area, and an elegant manner gadget to enhance your locations. This luxury appearance dining table lamp is designed with 3 lighting settings- Study, relax and bedtime modes with 5 dimming amounts, which promise you’re capable of finding the most wonderful light setting-to meet your requirements.


Enjoy particularly this comfortable, non-flickering light for stress-free output and down-time. Light emitting panel provides effective however also light without harsh glare or shadows.

Touch Sensitive
Using extremely sensitive and painful lightest touch, the lamp will activate due to the touch control. Slide your hand throughout the base pad to modify the brightness over 5 various amounts.

Adjustable Design
a turning base, double-hinged supply and swiveling LED face allow you to aim the light wherever you prefer it.

USB Charging Port
Prepare to express good-bye to holding multiple adapters and outlets for any form of USB unit

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with 3 shade temperature: 3000K/4500K/6000K
Price: $36.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review

Let’s focus on a video clip unboxing:

The lamp will come in a bigger box together with lamp is covered with cardboard for defense. Once you have every little thing unpacked you’ll find the lamp, a quick user guide and a little white box with all the power adapter on it.

The top of the lamp is the Light-emitting Diode light, it is a lot like a large LED club really. The pinnacle piece is 6.25” by 2.5” in proportions and it will move up and down and it will swivel up and down but it cannot go or turn left and correct. The LED inside is meant to endure over 25 many years so chances are you’ll never need to change it. The supply stretches from the base plus it’s maybe not straight whilst features a slight curve to it and it’s about 21.5” high.

The beds base is gray in shade also it’s square with proportions of about 6.25” x 6.25” therefore’s a little over .5” dense. The control interface is touch allowed with six touch sensitive and painful buttons. The underside row gets the power switch when you look at the center therefore the dimmers in the right and left. The most effective row is photos of a moon, a novel and a coffee glass which are supposed to represent bedtime, research and flake out modes or lighting amounts. The amount or color temperature are 3000k, 4500k and 6000k correspondingly.

From the remaining region of the base is single USB interface for charging you your products, it can provide 5V at 1A so it will be able to charge many all you’ve got, mobile phones, tablets or whatever else that may charge via USB. They don't consist of a USB cable but i do believe we have all extras going swimming. On the straight back side of the base is the energy connection for adapter.

The lamp bar or supply extends from the straight back place so that it’s nearly dedicated to the beds base which is sort of odd positioning. On the base of this base there are four rubberized legs to be sure it stays in which you place it.

I’ve already been wanting a far better table lamp as I’ve got an adult 40watt incandescent plus the bulbs cost about four bucks each and they don’t appear to last as long as I’d like therefore does utilize countless power because it’s a vintage style incandescent that I’ve had for decades. This lamp from Oak Leaf really worked well for me personally, especially the curved arm when I put it to my desk behind two of my monitors and curved arm permits it in the future extraordinary of monitor to light my desk but it permits the beds base to stay aside underneath the screens so I can achieve the settings as well as the USB interface. The arm curves all over straight back regarding the monitor, a straight arm would not work as the back of the monitor somewhat stands apart therefore the curve associated with the lamp works great inside circumstance.

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Source: technogog.com
Dimmable LED Desk Lamp by Oak Leaf - Review
Dimmable LED Desk Lamp by Oak Leaf - Review
TaoTronics TT-DL05 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review
TaoTronics TT-DL05 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review
LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Lamp Review
LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Lamp Review
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