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Koncept LED Desk Lamp

The three-bar design associated with Koncept Z-Bar Gen 3 table Lamp provides it boundless versatility in modern work spaces. The touchstrip dimmer is located near the head for simple accessibility and control over the light's strength. Tailor to your needs with options of complete, LED color heat and installation.
Koncept Technologies, headquartered in Monterey Park, CA, produces high-quality, revolutionary products which make life easier and less dangerous for consumers.
The Z-Bar Gen 3 Desk Lamp is present with the after:


  • Made from aluminum and synthetic
  • Built-in touchstrip dimmer
  • 108" Black power cord
  • Adjustable head
  • Flexible and maximum get to with 3-bar design
  • Compatible with recommended occupancy sensor (offered individually)
  • Colors Temperature: Warm - 3500 K; Cool - 4500 K
  • Stem Touch Dimmer
  • Dimmer Number: 0-100per cent
  • UL Listed
  • Produced In China


  • Finish: Metallic Ebony, Silver
  • Installation Kind: Wall Mount, Dining Table Base, Through-Table Mount, Table Clamp
  • Light Choice: Heated, Cool


  • 9.5 Watt (475 Lumens) 120 Volt incorporated LED: CRI: 85 colors Temp: 3500K Lifespan: 50000 hours
  • 9.5 Watt (475 Lumens) 120 Volt built-in LED: CRI: 85 colors Temp: 4500K Lifespan: 50000 hours

Compare Brightness:



The actual quantity of light which comes from a bulb, which has commonly already been measured in watts. The greater amount of lumens, the brighter the light bulb.


a dimension regarding the energy sent to a component of an electrical circuit (permitting a one-ampere existing to move through component under the force of just one volt.)

Bulb Shape

Light bulb shapes are denoted with a page, which defines the shape, and lots, which shows the size. The number indicates the diameter regarding the bulb at its widest component in eighths of an inch.


The an element of the bulb that connects towards fixture and its particular power supply. Bulb bases are denoted aided by the page E, and several which indicates the diameter of bulb base at its widest component in millimeters.


Indicates just how much voltage a light bulb can take through the fixture it is set up in.

Light Color Temperature

The general color from a light source, measured regarding Kelvin heat scale. Warm light is gloomier in shade heat (2700-3000 K) and cool, blue light is greater (5000 K).

Average Rated Lifetime

The common amount time that a bulb is anticipated to endure.


CRI = shade rendering list. This quantity, which could get from 0 to 100, steps the power of a light or bulb precisely renders colors. The greater the quantity, the greater, with most quality bulbs nowadays calculating at the least when you look at the 80s.


  • Dining Table Base Option Arm Extension 33.8":
  • Dining Table Base Solution Base Diameter 9", Adjustable To 33.88":
  • Dining Table Clamp Option Supply Extension 33.8":
  • Through-Table Mount Option Supply Extension 33.8":
  • Wall Mount Choice Supply Extension 33.8":
Source: www.lumens.com
Best LED Light in the World Desk Lamp LOVE it! Ecolight by
Best LED Light in the World Desk Lamp LOVE it! Ecolight by ...
Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
Koncept Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Light Product Demonstration
Koncept Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Light Product Demonstration
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