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Ikea LED Desk Lamp

SUNNAN lamps transform sunshine into electrical energy. SUNNAN does not must be plugged-in to supply light. Charge the panel for 9-12 hours in sunlight out-of-doors to get three hours of full lamplight that can be used anywhere inside.

The IKEA Foundation donates one SUNNAN lamp for each one sold in IKEA stores worldwide. This gives young ones in homes without electricity to read through, write and draw after dusk. The lights have actually to date been sent to children in India and Pakistan through our lovers Save the kids and UNICEF.

1. What is solar powered energy?
Solar power may be the conversion of sunshine into electrical energy (also known as photovoltaics ). The solar panel is put in direct sunlight and angled to the sun. Whenever sunshine achieves the solar power, it's changed into energy. This energy is kept in the batteries for the solar panel. The battery packs produce electrical energy, used to power SUNNAN.

2. So how exactly does SUNNAN work?
The cell should be recharged in direct sunlight. Get rid of the solar panel through the lamp and charge the panel for 9-12 hours in sunlight outside. A full cost will give you three hours of complete lamplight which you can use everywhere indoors.

Generally speaking, recharging time will change depending on the period, heat, and energy of this sun and electric battery life. For instance, if it's a cloudy day it will take significantly more than 12 hours to charge. Dirt or dust on the solar power could impede this product from billing.

3. Which are the advantages of SUNNAN?
SUNNAN does not make use of any electrical energy, and certainly will help conserve power. Not just does SUNNAN utilize the power of this sun, but inaddition it utilizes Light Emitting Diodes (LED) offering a significantly longer lifespan than old-fashioned bulbs.

It is practically cost-free to set up SUNNAN since there is no requirement for wiring, electric delivery, or professional assistance.

4. Just how has SUNNAN quality already been enhanced?
The first LED is replaced by 3 smaller LED with higher efficiency and therefore lower energy consumption. This gives the improved SUNNAN to keep illuminated for almost 40% much longer when totally recharged.

5. What amount of times can SUNNAN be recharged?
SUNNAN battery packs could be totally recharged and released to minimal amount about 500 times. In the event that batteries are merely partially recharged whenever recharged the pattern quantity is increased.

The feasible quantity of charging rounds can certainly be limited by aspects such as high ambient heat, extremely humid conditions, and electric battery life.

6. How do I reuse SUNNAN?
It is advised to remove the electric batteries, isolate materials, and then leave the electrical and digital parts in the electrical waste/hazardous waste.

7. Just how do I replace the electric batteries?
Follow five simple steps to change the batteries:
1. Open the solar power by unscrewing the bottom part of the solar panel.
2. Eliminate and recycle the 3 battery packs.
3. Insert 3 brand-new rechargeable 1.2V HR6/AA type batteries.
4. Close the cell by screwing the base part straight back on.
5. Stick to the billing actions before utilizing the SUNNAN.

8. What sort of battery packs does SUNNAN use?
SUNNAN is sold with 3 rechargeable electric batteries (1.2V HR6/AA type).

9. Can you charge SUNNAN indoors?
SUNNAN needs to be recharged outside in sunlight.

10. What exactly are Leds (LED)?
Leds have been around considering that the sixties. They’re in traffic indicators, airport information signs, additionally the break lights of vehicles. An evolution in lighting has made it possible to carry Light-emitting Diode lighting effects into domiciles. Which is great news due to the many good ecological and power consumption benefits. .

11. So how exactly does LED work?
Really, it's completely different as compared to old incandescent bulbs we’ve adult with. Incandescent light bulbs light because of a power present passing through a thin filament, warming it to a temperature that creates light.

The light emitted from LED light bulbs comes from the action of electrons in a semiconducting product (like small microchips in a power circuit). Brilliant, is not it?

12. Which are the advantages of Light-emitting Diode?
LED uses as much as 80 per cent less power than old-fashioned (incandescent) lighting and lasts over 20 times longer than traditional bulbs. With an eternity of around 15 years you don't have to regularly alter light bulbs – integrated LED can even last twice as lengthy. LED is also mercury-free.

Source: www.ikea.com
DIY led desk lamp
DIY led desk lamp
Ikea TERTIAL Lamp w/ 400 lm LEDARE Bulb
Ikea TERTIAL Lamp w/ 400 lm LEDARE Bulb
LED desk lamp using sugru, ikea nick-nacks and kitronik kit
LED desk lamp using sugru, ikea nick-nacks and kitronik kit
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