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LED light bulb expense is a factor when you look at the adoption of Light-emitting Diode replacement bulbs. The entrenched technologies of incandescent and CFL light bulbs have these types of a decreased initial cost the first variations of LED light bulbs, costing $40 and up, were condemned to novelty status. And so the continual move downward in LED bulb rates is a very good thing the acceptance of Light-emitting Diode light bulbs by customers.

But it also enables you to wonder – in which is the bulb’s revenue for the producers? Take a good look at the Cree 60W bulb, which will be produced by one of the world’s prominent LED makers (and most likely hardly any other light bulb maker gets a far better cost on individual LEDs). Each light bulb uses 20 XT-E LEDs that sell in volume for “well under a dollar.” Therefore let’s only select a figure of $.75 each as Light-emitting Diode cost, or $15 in Light-emitting Diode components. Hmmm, that can’t be right – this bulb offers yourself Depot for $13.

A respected business origin (RIS) come up with an in depth price breakdown, initially with real dollar quantities and later as percentages, that appears quite accurate and shared it beside me. (This price breakdown isn't especially for the Cree bulb, but agent regarding the rates for LED bulb technology.)

Part Expense
LED Driver IC $0.30
Drive circuit elements $1.10
EMI filter circuitry $1.30
PCB $0.45
LEDs $2.00
Aluminum temperature sink $1.35
Plastic lens address $0.65
Labor/Assembly $1.55
Profit (?) $0.40

…for a total of $9.10, much closer to Home Depot’s price tag and enabling its profit. Note the estimation of $2.00 for all for the LEDs found in the bulb — a long way off through the $.75 each for LEDs in degrees of, say, a mere 100K.

In an attempt to generalize the price description further, RIS stated:

“To understand the price motorists involved, you'll want to have a look at the main element cost elements for its construction. Broadly speaking, in percentage terms, for a non-isolated variation these would be:


Share of complete expense



Work & Assembly


Temperature sink

16per cent

LED Driver IC & Externals

EMI Filter circuitry

15per cent

Vinyl Lens Cover




[These don’t exactly fit the aforementioned buck figures because some follow-on head-scratching continued in the interim.]

“It’s clear that nearly 90percent for the expense factors are in the LEDs, the warmth sink, the Light-emitting Diode motorist and connected components, in addition to EMI filter. Furthermore, these are typically really near one another in expenses.” So, the take-away the following is there is no one solitary price aspect driving the full total price of a bulb. To bring the total cost low, progressive reductions across all of these things needs to be made – some thing not simple to do.

Additionally note the presumption that affordable Light-emitting Diode bulb variations would be non-isolated. I’ve heard from several design veterans that uneasy about safety dilemmas in non-isolated bulbs, and RIS is among all of their ranks. He said, “Producing a non-isolated 60W-replacement Light-emitting Diode light bulb is a lot easier and less expensive than an isolated one. But we cannot assist but question if it is that some customer really gets killed from a non-isolated variation – regardless of the claims by the manufactures they cannot get through their casing material to get a live connection.”

Source: www.designingwithleds.com
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