Powerful 365nm 40W UV LED Nail

LED Lamp Nail Dryer

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Product Shows:
This Violetili could be the enhanced form of Violetilac, it includes a 12W Light-emitting Diode light to cure LED gel nail polish better and quicker. It can effectively cure any LED gel polishes, particularly the Gelish Soak- off Gel and other services and products from Gelish MINI program for a beautiful manicure that lasts around three days. With various preset timers, you are able to select time just as you desire. The safe and dependable dryer can effectively cure your gel polish in 45 seconds.

Item Details:
LED: 60pcs LED
Adapter feedback: 110-240V
Power: 12W
N.W: 0.35kg
Size: 18.4*15*9.5cm
Colors: Black

Troubleshooting Methods:
1. Light-emitting Diode light wavelengthis 380-410nm.It can cure LED gel polishesthat have 380-410nm photoinitiator. Please ensure that your nail polish works together this system. This system works for these LED gel polish companies:
Harmony Gelish Soak Off Series, Gelish MINI System, OPI Gelcolor Nail Polish, Orly Gel FX, Red-carpet Led Gel Polish, Gelicious GEL Nail Polish, Any Light-emitting Diode GEL Polish etc
2. It is typical for gel polish to remain somewhat gluey after treating. Simply wipe off the residue with cleanser for a dryer and smoother surface.

Bundle Includes:
1 * MelodySusie Nail Dryer
1 * Power Supply
1 * User Handbook

* just get it from MelodySusie to obtain genuine quality item and also to be eligible for full after-sale solution.

Source: www.melodysusie.com
LED Nail Curing Lamp
LED Nail Curing Lamp
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