Miniature LED Lamps

SensatioNail mini led lamp

Gel fingernails on the move

SensatioNail is currently much more transportable

We all know you like your SensatioNail gel nail kit and now we’ve managed to get also much easier to make use of your kit while on the move. Presenting the Light-emitting Diode mini lamp for gel fingernails!

Area of the Fuse range, the mini lamp works perfectly with SensatioNail gel nail enamel on a 30 second remedy time.

Take it anywhere

The mini lamp features a USB adaptor and will work off the mains and that means you can really utilize it anywhere. Plug it to your laptop computer for disaster at-work-repairs (don’t let the boss see you) or ensure that is stays within automobile so that you get it at hand anywhere you are (not to ever be applied whilst driving, demonstrably!).

The Light-emitting Diode mini lamp is little, lightweight and compact. You can even take it on holiday in your suitcase - ideal for touch-ups or an entire color change.

How does the SensatioNail Mini Lamp work?

Simply pop your finger in to the lamp (there is certainly only a little groove for perfect positioning) and press the option at the top.

After 30 moments the LED lamp will switch off automatically. It is as easy as that!

Fingertips and toes

The mini lamp is perfect for toenails also. Simply pull the top off and turn it around – it's magnetized so it won’t fall-off. Put your toe underneath, hit the button on the top and remedy for 30 moments.

If you’re a gel nail lover could love the mini lamp. Perfect for coming in contact with up nail art, correcting gel nail polish or putting a travel system collectively when area is at a premium.

Offered to get today

Gift shopping for a serum nail polish lover? Once you know whoever has a serum nail starter kit, loves their gel nail styles or uses their particular SensatioNail gel polish all the time, this is the perfect present for them.

  • The lamp
  • USB charger
  • Mains adaptor
  • Pack of 12 lint free wipes
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