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LED Lamps types

globeDimmable conventional design LED replacement bulbs with conventional uncovered filament appearance for decorative illumination. The perfect classic reproduction touch for classic fixtures, vintage wall sconces, old-fashioned lights, and older wall lanterns.

Bulb Types: ST18, T14, G16

LED Globe Bulbs

World kind LED bulbs designed to change present incandescent light bulbs produce light in all directions making it well suited for basic illumination programs.

Bulb Kinds: A19 (Traditional), G50, G11

LED Recessed Lights & Puck Lights

globe Fixtures ideal for general lighting for many places, including displays, under pantry lighting effects, flush roof accents, plus.

Retrofit Can Light Kits

LED can lights are perfect for commercial downlighting and also significant overall performance over conventional incandescent fixtures in color rendering and energy savings. Retrofit present can lights for company lighting, hall lighting or hospital illumination applications or used in a brand new construction.

LED Spot & Flood Bulbs

Place, Flood, and Dimmable kind LED light bulbs designed to replace present incandescent and halogen bulbs produce light in a controlled beam rendering it perfect for directional and general lighting programs.

Bulb Kinds: AR111, BR30, BR40, MR11, MR16, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38

globeLED Bi-pin Bulbs

Bi-pin base LED bulbs made to change traditional halogen reflector lights and halogen capsules generally speaking low voltage lighting applications.

Bulb Types: G4, G8, G9, GU10, JC, T3-1/4

LED Tube Lights

Tube kind LED bulbs made to change traditional fluorescent tube lighting along with other specialty linear pipe type incandescent bulbs.

Bulb Kinds: T10, T8, T7, T6.5, Rotatable

LED Smart Bulbs

globe Light-emitting Diode replacement light bulb for old-fashioned medium screw base lights suitable for Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub for adjusting all operator functions making use of a Smartphone or tablet operating Android os or iOS.

LED Panel Lights and Troffer Lights

Replace standard commercial fluorescent T8 pipe lights with LED panel lights to eradicate hazardous waste and achieve unmatched energy savings. LED panel lights are superb for office lighting effects, retail illumination, class illumination, grocery store lighting effects plus.

LED Shop Lights & Garage Lights

With choices which range from dimmable panel lights to T8 tubes and linear Light-emitting Diode fixtures, you can easily achieve the right number of lighting for your shop or storage. Use these long-lasting Light-emitting Diode fixtures to change dull or burned out incandescent fixtures, and experience several years of powerful lighting and heightened power savings.

Light-emitting Diode Strip and Tape Lights

Enhance your liveable space with Light-emitting Diode strips and tape lights for under cabinet, toekick, ceiling cove, task illumination, wardrobe lighting, show lighting effects, home entertainment lights, activity center color, and all forms of accent lighting effects. Is available in multiple colors, lengths, and intensities.

Bulb Stop lamp Led type 1257 Red Flash (Blitz) Mata 2
Bulb Stop lamp Led type 1257 Red Flash (Blitz) Mata 2
Ford Figo type 2 customized LED tail lamps by
Ford Figo type 2 customized LED tail lamps by
Bulb type LED Filament lamp Auto Line video 720
Bulb type LED Filament lamp Auto Line video 720
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