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LED light Bulb size

Lighting effects lights and bulbs are explained by a shape and diameter and size designation. This generally is within the type of letter(s) followed by a number followed by an optional letter. The first letter(s) suggest the design, the figures suggest the diameter and also the last, optional page can designate the length.Lightbulb form for example: PAR for Parabolic Aluminum Reflector bulb or T for Tube. Many family halogen light bulbs tend to be a MR16 for Metallic Reflective.
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Sizes are referenced by lots that follows the shape. In the US these figures suggest the maximum diameter in eighths of an inch. In other countries this quantity will designate the diameter in millimeters. A typical example of a US bulb may be the R20, that is 20/8 or 2.5" in diameter. A typical example of a metric measure could be the A19 which is the typical household incandescent light.

Test LED Light Bulb Shape Designations:

  • A regular home incandescent lamp shape
  • B Bulged bulb shape
  • BT Bulged or Blown Tubular bulb form
  • BR Quick reflector style lamp
  • C Candle or Conical bulb shape
  • CP Crystalline Pear bulb shape
  • E Ellipsoidal light bulb form
  • ER extensive reflector light bulb shape
  • G world light bulb or circular bulb
  • HK Hexagonal Candle
  • K Krypton or thin reflector light bulb form
  • MB Halogen light bulb
  • MR Quartz reflector lamp (low wattage)
  • P Pear bulb shape
  • PAR Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) lamp
  • PS Elongated standard incandescent light bulb
  • Roentgen Reflector bulb style
  • S Strait Sided bulb design
  • T Tube lamp shape

Below are a few standard diameter sizes:

  • 8 = 1 inches instance: T8
  • 11 = 1.375 ins sample: MR11
  • 16 = 2 inches instance: MR16
  • 20 = 2.5 inches Example: R20
  • 30 = 3.75 inches Example: PAR30
  • 38 = 4.75 inches Example: PAR38

Length designations include:


A Shaped Light Bulbs

"A" type light bulb shapes are standard home hold bulbs. The number after the light bulb shape could be the amount of eighths of and inch in diameter. For non-imperial measured bulbs the number following bulb shape may be the few centimeters at the widest point associated with the bulb.
Standard light bulb sizes consist of A19 for imperial dimensions and A60 for a slightly smaller metric measured light bulb.

B and C-shaped Light Bulbs

B shaped bulbs are also understand as Candelabra Light Bulbs. The have a bulged base that tapers to a rounded or pointed tip. In some bulbs the end is bent providing the slight appearance of a licking flame. C-shaped bulbs resemble getaway lights.

These bulbs are common in chandeliers, evening lights and reduced wattage applications such holiday string lights.
Typical bases for B and C-shaped light bulbs are E12 in united states.

PAR Light Bulbs: PAR16, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38

PAR lights use a parabolic mirror or reflective surface to concentrate the light. For LEDs the PAR designation can be used to define the shape, since many would not have a reflective reduced surface as a result of the directive nature of LEDs.Common PAR lamps range from the PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 and PAR42, though many other sizes occur. These bulbs may be found in numerous beam angles that end in area and flooding lights.
This form is quite just like the R form and in some cases the PAR and roentgen are compatible as forms for Light-emitting Diode replacements.
PAR Dimensions Diameter in Inches
PAR-20 2 1/2
PAR-30 3 3/4
PAR-36 4 1/2
PAR-38 4 3/4
PAR-46 5 3/4
Source: www.eaglelight.com
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