Warranty LED Reading Lights

Battery Powered LED Reading lights

The tiny dimensions and directional light output of LEDs make sure they are perfect for private reading lights, and they are energy saving also. Here are some of the best LED reading lights:

I-Tower LED Flood Lamp

The I-Tower LED Lamp from Koncept is a reliable Light-emitting Diode floor lamp, getting on average 47 out of 5 stars from 18+ reviewers. The lamp’s six ultra-bright, daylight white LEDs giving off minimal heat and use just 9 watts at complete brightness. The lamp has actually an integrated 4-step dimming function that will take the light straight down for reading functions. The adjustable bones is put in almost any place without tightening or loosening knobs or screws, just go the light to for which you want it additionally the lamp will hold to create. The LED arm even folds down against the lamp neck, preserving area in the event that LEDs aren't used.

The I-Tower LED floor lights can be obtained from Amazon for $195.

The Softech DL-90 LED Dining Table Lamp

This lamp had been just circulated in 2010 by Softech, and has now a great deal going for it. The lamp includes 27 high-power sunlight LEDs. The colour Rendering Index for the LEDs is rated at 90+ (exemplary).

The lamp has four distinct lighting modes and 40 brightness levels as a whole. The initial two settings are for work desk work: a scanning mode with mid-range colors (4300K-5300K) that are easy regarding eyes, and a research mode that has increased range shade temperature (6000K-7000K). The lamp can also be switched to a relaxation mode and a sleep mode — these have softer, warm shade temperatures.

This lamp uses 10 watts or less of capacity to offer light equal to a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. It is stated to final about 40, 000 hours or 20 years of typical usage.

a handy feature of the lamp may be the “auto off timer”. The timer will switch the lamp off after one hour, conserving your power in the event that you forget to turn it off. It has a USB billing slot.

The Fulcrum Magnifier is an illuminated magnifier lamp features a 5-inch diameter lens has 2x magnification energy with a 6x inset for fine details. This lamp gets an average rating of 4.2 of 5 from 44+ reviewers on Amazon.

It's 12 glare-free LEDs and a versatile gooseneck which allows that position the lamp in which you need it. It comes down with an AC adapter, but may also be managed wire-free with three alkaline D batteries (see our article regarding the Best D-Size Rechargeable electric batteries).

The Fulcrum Magnifier is available at Amazon for around $75.

Book Light: The Fulcrum LED Light

Note from Editor: I’ve been testing this light for a few months now, and I’m happy with it. It really is lightweight, so that it clips to a novel quickly, in addition to versatile throat stays positioned quite well. The reviewers on Amazon agree — they offered it an average of 4.3 / 5 performers from 43+ buyers.

The Fulcrum MultiFlex provides an obvious, also beam of light for reading or illuminating close up jobs. It features an attachment video, and base may also offer the 11” flexible throat whenever sitting on a set area. Energy arises from three AAa electric batteries, making the Fulcrum MultiFlex a good choice for travel as well as home usage. The lamp comes in either silver or red.

Source: www.metaefficient.com
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