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Clip on LED Reading light

Challenge Winner: develop a novel Light making use of Binder Clips and LEDswithin week's MacGyver Challenge, we requested one to hack some thing utilizing LEDs. We obtained some great entries, however the winning hack shows united states a clever book-lighting answer for binder films and LEDs.

Have a look at information of winning entry below and find out about several of our other preferred entries.

Winner: Develop a Book Light Using Binder Clips and LEDs

Thaibinh! has a Kindle without an integrated light. Sure, she may have bought numerous clip-on lights created for the Kindle, then again you would not be reading about her smart little DIY hack here. The woman design makes use of a little and medium binder video, two LEDs, a one-cell battery pack, and a little strip of paper.Challenge Winner: Create a Book Light utilizing Binder Clips and LEDs The medium binder video attaches the rig to the woman Kindle case (one she additionally created) together with little binder video is rigged up with the battery and LEDs in order that she will flip that clip's arm to toggle the light. You are able to read more in regards to the design on her behalf blog site.

Honorable Mentions

We got some great entries and we also'd be remiss when we didn't share a few of our preferences. Check out regarding the entries that basically impressed us.

Create a Permanent Work Light Using Your Bonnet

Challenge Winner: produce a novel Light Using Binder Clips and LEDs

Zuixro mounted weatherproof LED strip lights into the underside of their vehicle's bonnet, creating a permanent, convenient work light. He wired the lights with a fuse, switch, and battery. The switch is the shining blue LED during the reduced left regarding the picture. Zuixro records he needed to overexpose the image to get it to exhibit up, but that LEDs supply many light be effective by.

Create Accent Lighting Which Is In Addition Good in Emergencies

Wjstone needed a illumination answer for his spiral staircase. He used strip lights under each step of the process, developed a customized circuit board to control everything, and went the cables through center assistance the stairs. He in addition switched the wood cap when it comes to the surface of the support post into a dimmer switch he makes use of to regulate the illumination.Challenge Winner: Create a novel Light utilizing Binder Clips and LEDs and great measure, he powers the whole thing through a UPS in order for he doesn't have to have cables running away from the staircase. Getting the lights on battery does mean they work whenever there is an electrical outage. His next move is to develop a more permanent energy source the setup so he is maybe not wearing along the battery through much use. If you are fascinated to understand more, he has offered a step-by-step guide.

Make a Glow-In-The-Dark Ball Charger

Dion's puppy truly enjoys playing ball in the field near their property. During the cold winter months, it gets dark extremely early and, rather than cut their playtime quick, Dion got his puppy a glow-in-the-dark basketball. Problem solved, appropriate? Not very fast.Challenge Winner: develop a novel Light making use of Binder Clips and LEDs sadly, the ball doesn't hold a fee for lengthy and versus sit under a street lamp for far too lengthy or fumble around with a flashlight, Dion had an even more enjoyable idea. He created his own glow-in-the-dark ball charger. It uses 12 high-intensity LEDs, a simple switch, a resistor, and a battery pack privately for four AA batteries. He built the contraption into a sizable Vitamin Water container lined with aluminum foil to help even out the glow. Today, Dion can drop the ball inside charger, turn it in, and start to become back into playing in moments.

Create Your Own Waterproof LED Headlamp

Derren desired a headlamp with features he simply couldn't find in stores. He developed this headlamp utilizing a heatsink from a classic projection television and some LEDs. They can cycle its three settings (low-medium-high) just by touch and the ones configurations supply 100, 300, and 800 lumens, correspondingly. The lamp is waterproof to about four meters and whole thing, with strap, weighs about just 3.2 oz.

Source: lifehacker.com
Fielding EyewearClip-On LED Reader Light As Seen On QVC
Fielding Eyewear...Clip-On LED Reader Light As Seen On QVC
LED Reading Light
LED Reading Light
TOOGOO Clip On Book Reading Light Bright LED Lamp Booking
TOOGOO Clip On Book Reading Light Bright LED Lamp Booking ...
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