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Flexible bed Reading light

Install these LED reading lights directly to your headboard for hands-free task illumination. They plug directly into a wall receptacle and carry a 5-year warranty.


Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Kelvin Color Temperature




Brushed Nickel

Colors Temperature

Heated White

Mounting Kind

Bed Headboard

Installing Hardware Included


Light Fixture Type

Reading Light


3W Light-emitting Diode Fully Adjustable Bed Researching Light Headboard Mount

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Question from Bill:

What goes on as soon as the light burns away is it necessary to purchase an innovative new light?

Answer from Pegasus:

Bill, indeed - the lights are ranked to last 50, 000 hours. State you utilize the reading light 4 hours/day. 50, 000 hours after that means more than three decades of rated life. Also, this product, like the built-in LED, carries a 5-year guarantee.

Question from DENNIS E RADA:

What's the rated lifetime of the Light-emitting Diode? Is the Light-emitting Diode replaceable? The ranked life is 50, 000 hours. No, the Light-emitting Diode isn't replaceable.

Concern from Kim:

what sort of light bulb performs this just take? Mary, It does not simply take a light bulb. This has a LED source of light.

Concern from Terrea von Hurwitz:

May I purchase additional size on the gooseneck supply? Terrea, i am sorry we just provide this light with a 12in arm.

Question from Iain MacFarlane:

Could you kindly advise if this model could be provided without a nearby switch once we suggest to design into our location with a remote switch? Iain, this design is readily available aided by the on/off switch.
Source: www.pegasuslighting.com
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