Display Case Lighting

Display Case LED Lighting

globeLarge choice of high power LED strip lights, also known as LED tape, in a number of single colors, lengths and intensities. You can expect UL indexed LED 12V strips & LED 24V strips for indoor lighting effects (NLFS), and weather condition evidence (WFLS) outside illumination programs. Common applications for LED strip lights include LED under-cabinet lighting, under-shelf lighting, cove lighting, stair lighting, bar lights, sign lightinsideg, display lighting, LED strips for cars, deck lighting, landscape lighting, and marine lights.

Versatile Light-emitting Diode Strip Lights - Colors Changing RGB

Colors changing LED light strips supply over 16 million color hues making use of RGB LED technology. Also known as Light-emitting Diode tape light, the handy remote control lighting enables fixed color lighting, or powerful lighting effects. Select RGB, RGB+White, or a Dream colors addressable LED strip. We offer UL Listed LED 12V strips for indoor lighting (NFLS), or weather proof (WFLS) and waterproof (SWDC) for outdoor lighting applications. The multi shade LED light pieces are commonly employed for cooking area lighting, share lights, home theatre lighting effects, boat lights, or commercial lighting and illumination design for museum illumination, architectural lighting effects, and restaurant illumination.

Versatile LED Strip Lights - Adjustable White LED

globe Variable white LED light strips provide a Kelvin color range from warm white to cool white in one versatile high power LED strip, also known as LED tape. For indoor lighting (NLFS), the Light-emitting Diode 24V pieces can be bought as individual reels, or as total Light-emitting Diode light kits. Ideal for residence interior illumination as under-cabinet lighting effects, task illumination, cabinet illumination, or commercial lighting effects programs such as for instance show illumination, architectural illumination and lighting effects design.

Rigid Light-emitting Diode Linear Light Bars

Plug and play LED linear aluminum light fixtures and LED PCB bars supply appealing illumination solutions as LED lights for house or commercial lighting effects applications. You can expect LED 12V & Light-emitting Diode 24V pubs for interior lighting, and weather evidence for outside lighting effects in single colors, and shade changing RGB in a variety of lengths and intensities. Popular for under-cabinet Light-emitting Diode lighting effects, wardrobe lighting, task lighting effects, screen instance illumination, restaurant lighting effects, and wine cellars.

LED Light Strip & Bar Add-ons

Every thing necessary to link and put in LED strip lights and rigid linear light pubs in almost any configuration for indoor lighting effects or outside lighting programs. Direct links, interconnects, jumpers, extension cable, splitters, power adapters, LED energy line, mounting add-ons, and waterproofing materials.

LED Controller & LED Dimmers

Easy control and dimming choices to obtain the exact brightness, lighting, and shade amounts desired from LED Lighting. globe pick from a sizable choice of Light-emitting Diode dimmer switches, wall surface switches, inline switches, RF & IR wireless and multi-zone remotes, RGB controllers, DMX controllers, and WiFi hubs with Smartphone / Tablet suitable applications for cordless Light-emitting Diode control.

Sign Lighting LED Modules

LED sign modules provide even burning in a concise package. You can expect a sizable collection of single-color, RGB, and UL-Recognized segments in a variety of LED designs, colors, ray sides, and intensities for indoor and outside utilizes, including channel letters, sign lighting, under-cabinet illumination, shop window lighting effects, display situation lighting, canopy lighting, plus!

LED Profile Housings

Now UL Recognized. Mount LED strip lights in an aluminum, or MDF LED profile for on a clean, finished appearance. The LED linear extrusions can be purchased in different forms which may be slashed to any size. Finish the appearance with end caps, frosted or clear contacts, and an inline switch. Suitable for any application including home lighting effects, interior lighting design, architectural lighting, commercial illumination, retail screen lighting plus.

LED Power Materials

You can expect a variety of wattages and kinds of Light-emitting Diode energy products for the increasing demand of Light-emitting Diode lighting effects applications. Available kinds are indoor and outside UL detailed 12 and 24 Volt DC power products, wall wart plug-in adapters, Magnitude dimmable energy materials, Meanwell power materials, as well as portable battery pack packs.

Source: www.superbrightleds.com
Ikea Detolf display case with Lightmates LED puck lights
Ikea Detolf display case with Lightmates LED puck lights ...
Showcase Display Shelves with LED Lights (Shelves only)
Showcase Display Shelves with LED Lights (Shelves only)
DIY Slatwall Hardware, LED Tracklights, Display Cases
DIY Slatwall Hardware, LED Tracklights, Display Cases
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