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Incandescent Light BulbsReplacing your lighting effects with LED bulbs is among the easiest steps you can take to conserve electrical energy and cash in your home! LED (light-emitting-diode) lighting effects surpasses the effectiveness of present technologies, such as CFLs (lightweight fluorescent lamps) and incandescent light bulbs. Conserve money instantly with an array of rebates, including immediate cash savings from all of these participating stores attempting to sell ENERGY STAR lighting products. City Light provides up to $10 discounts on light bulbs and accessories. Plus, the power savings do over hold money in to your pocket; it’s best for our environment.

Take a look at dramatic distinction LED bulbs have:

Reduced Energy Expenses.

LEDS use up to 80% less power than standard incandescent light bulbs.


Dimmable LEDs can be utilized with dimmers created for LEDs.


LED light bulbs final around 25 Years or 25, 000 hours considering typical home usage.

No Flicker.

LED bulbs don’t have of this annoying flicker effect like other energy-efficient bulbs.

Wide array of
Colors and kinds. LED light bulbs can be purchased in multiple kinds, and give off an array of colors, from cool to heat. Need assistance choosing the proper LED obtainable? No Mercury.

LED light bulbs contain no mercury.

Fluorescent lighting effects, like linear fluorescent tubes and small fluorescent lamps (CFL light bulbs), have a small amount of mercury, so they really should be recycled at an area collection site because they are prohibited from going in the trash.

  • Before recycling a functional CFL or fluorescent pipe, consider using it to in a place in which light is not made use of frequently. While LEDs may outperform fluorescent light bulbs, there are couple of reasons to reuse a fluorescent bulb when it's however working.
  • CFL recycling
    If you should be changing a burned-out or old CFL be sure to go to one of these convenient places that recycle CFLs at no cost: Bartell medication, Home Depot, Lowes, McLendon Hardware and SCL's North and Southern provider facilities.
  • Linear fluorescent pipe recycling
    Linear pipes in addition must be recycled, for a summary of areas visit Seattle Public Utilities recycling look up tool.
  • Clearing up A Cracked CFL
    Should a CFL break, environmentally friendly cover department provides handling recommendations on their website.
Source: www.seattle.gov
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