Determining Led Panel Light

Led Panel Light price Suppliers

Model Number:RT-D15


Min. Order:100 Pieces

FOB cost:US$ 0.23 - US$ 1.45 per unit (components)

FOB Port:Zhongshan

Lead Time: 3 - 1 week

Payment Terms:Telegraphic Transfer (TT, T/T)

Nation of Origin:China (mainland)

Key Specifications/Special Features

Requirements of die-casting:
1. Item have no shortage of material, cold product, waterlines, sink plus event
2. Critical proportions tolerances could be managed in selection of 2-5 microns
3. 5 years of experience in creation of aluminum die-casting
4. Over ten years of experience in mold manufacturing
5. Mold to complete item is one-stop solution
6. Obtained ISO 9001 certification
7. Very own 650T die casting device

Material: Al
Measurements: Φ172*23mm
Hole dimensions: 165mm
Processing techniques: die-casting
Surface remedies: spraying/plating
Net weight: 0.085kg
Back plate
Material: iron
Proportions: Φ172*1mm
Web body weight: 0.085kg
Diffusion dish
Information: PS
Measurements: Φ137.3*1.5mm
Web weight: 0.02kg
Light transmittance: 75percent
Haze: 91percent
Excellent diffusion & high light transmittance
Light guide plate
Material: PMMA from Mitsubishi or equivalent provider
Measurements: Φ137.3*4mm
Net weight: 0.07kg
Production technology: silk-screen publishing
Brilliant evenness: 92%-95per cent
Light performance: 75%-85percent
Life time: >50, 000 hours
Tolerance: ±0.3mm
Certification: CE, RoHS
Custom dimensions: welcomed
Reflective sheeting
Material: animal
Dimensions: Φ137.3*0.225mm
Custom dimensions: welcomed
Information: Al
Thermal conductivity: 1.0
Proportions: L434*W8.5*T1mm
Withstand voltage: 1500V
Web weight: 0.009kg
Quantity of LED: 60pcs
LED processor chip
SMD: 4014
Light-emitting Diode brand: San'an
CRI: ≥80Ra
Colors temperature: 3500K-6500K
If(mA): 60mA
Vf(v): 2.9-3.3V
Φ(lm): 24-26lm
Power driver
Dimensions: 80*36*23mm
Web body weight: 0.051kg
Input current: 90-275V 50/60Hz
Result voltage: 28-40V
Result existing: 300mA
Power: 12W
PF: PF>0.9
Effectiveness: 84%
Isolated: yes
Warranty: 3 years

Item Details

Main Competitive Benefits:

  • Brand-name components
  • Country of Origin
  • Skilled Staff
  • Kind A
  • Green Item
  • Guarantee/Warranty
  • Global Approvals
  • Army Specifications
  • Packing
  • Price
  • Product Functions
  • Product Efficiency
  • Prompt Distribution
  • Quality Approvals
  • Reputation
  • Provider
  • Small Sales Accepted
  • Own Die-casting Mould
  • Prevent Light-leak
  • Own Silk Printing LGP

Principal Export Markets:


Central/South America

Eastern Europe

Mid East/Africa

North America

West Europe


Delivery Details:

FOB Price: US$ 0.23 - US$ 1.45 per unit (Pieces)

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led panel light price,led panel lamp manufacturer,suppliers
led panel light price,led panel lamp manufacturer,suppliers
LED Panel Lighting
LED Panel Lighting
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