Latest wooden LCD TV wall

Wall LCD Panel

Super thin 5.7mm mullion (total) minimizes the picture content reduction, that will be critical for demand and control area usage.

Tall image quality on the whole wall

Digital gradation circuit - Mitsubishi Electrical's innovative digital gradation circuit provides consistent brightness distribution across the display, causing the reproduction of razor-sharp, vivid photos form edge to edge on multi-screen designs. This practically gets rid of the problem of reduced brightness in the edges of every display screen.

Color room control - Our LCD displays are equipped with a cutting-edge digital shade room control circuit created in-house. The circuit actively works to balance and mix colors, compensating the color and brightness discrep- ancies among LCD displays.

Vibrant brightness managing

With an integral brightness sensor, Dynamic brightness balancing circuit will keep the brightness uniformity of show wall surface across amount of operation time by interacting the calculated brightness data by every 2 moments.

Forward access for simple service

Whenever found in combo with Mitsubishi Electrical's original optional wall mount system, Liquid Crystal Display panels is accessed through the front-side for the system. This design allows panels is maintained from the front along with the rear.

Internal processing

Integrated processor - Each display of Liquid Crystal Display Display Wall program is equipped with an internal data-processing function enabling to show up to six windows (with VC-B70V2) or three house windows (with other boards) per one panel, and allows to show around three windows put any dimensions and place across the entire wall surface while using the daisy sequence function of the daisy chain board.
Install Mitsubishi Electric's D-Wall software suite as well as the entire imaging system could be controlled intuitively from a user-friendly visual graphical user interface.

Black pieces are presented on both sides if the image supply is placed into the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Easily pick the size and place regarding the image windows.

Just one display screen could be shown at any given time.

Bezel settlement

Pictures are presented in two settings, genuine Picture Window (RPW) or normal image Window (NPW). RPW displays pictures making use of the entire feedback sign (no picture loss), making it ideal for showing surveillance photos and similar programs. NPW realizes a smoothly linked display screen picture appearance when utilizing numerous screens; ideal for moving photos.

3 operational modes

Three backlight energy modes (vibrant, regular and Eco) can be chosen based on the working environment.

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