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Asking how much an electronic billboard price, is like asking exactly how much a car or truck expense. Such form of concerns can just only have one answer. This will depend. On all following 5 factors:

  1. SIZE: do you want a Smart vehicle or a BMW X5 (i.e. which are the dimensions of LED display you intend to install?)
  2. POWER: do you wish to drive it at race circuits or perhaps you require it simply to do the grocery? (in other words. what's the quality for the Light-emitting Diode screen?). Note for beginners: resolution = distance between your pixels: the closer they have been, the higher is the image at shorter watching distances.
  3. RELIABILITY: premium vehicle companies utilize premium products and generally are for that reason able to offer longer warranties (in other words. therefore do LED displays' manufactures)
  4. CREDENTIALS: exactly how much do you realy appreciate the world-class reliability supplied by Toyota? (in other words. avoid. newly founded organizations without a proven technology and history)
  5. EDUCATION: BMW offers a 2 times safe-drive course to your Buyer that acquisitions the latest sport show. (for example. watch out for LED display manufactures that offer no or minimal training on how best to use the screen successfully)

Before purchasing a Light-emitting Diode display screen you really need to ask yourself these concerns and rank them based of this significance that each and every point has obtainable. Within simple way you can easily define the specs and profile regarding the perfect display and manufacturer you are searching for.

Now, if you wish to have precise numbers, right here you can find some real numbers:

LED Screens Energy (or Resolution)

Top price/performance ratio resolution I recommend is p8/16mm: again, the quality depends on the average viewing length of one's audience, but in general p8/16mm is a secure bet.

Reliability of LED Screen

The guarantee should really be essentially a couple of years or even more. some entry level products may have a 1 year guarantee. If this is the merchandise you are searching for, ensure maintenance agreements are available. And when these are typically, beware of organizations asking 25percent associated with worth of the display beginning the next 12 months for maintenance... it may signify they consider their product vulnerable.

Manufacturer Qualifications

For the qualifications of organization i will suggest you never only check the web site because anyone could put a good picture on his web site (e.g. there are some photos of your displays posted on various other internet sites). The thing I would recommend you to do is to find title with a minimum of 2/3 consumers that are currently utilising the screen and speak with them.

Training on the best way to Use the LED displays Successfully

In regards to the instruction, ensure that your supplier can provide you at the least a simple instruction on the best way to utilize the Light-emitting Diode billboard. I am not dealing with a technical instruction (which is should always be apparent...) but I am dealing with an exercise that shows you the best strategies (as well as the worst blunders) to create advertisements, market your display, get a hold of and win advertisers etc...

A final note in regards to the price: if you are approaching the LED display screen industry for the first time, i believe you should look at at least investment of about 12/14.000 Euro to get a display similar to the one I described above. In the event that you get an offer for less cost, feel the 5-points-checklist while making certain you might be conscious of what sort of Light-emitting Diode display screen you are receiving.

Time, Rates also Useful Information

Significant: all costs, some time other information within this table tend to be strictly indicative and can vary with respect to the nation while the size of the display. Right here we report an estimation predicated on European countries. For a far more exact quote, kindly give us a call today at +39/011-954-1015+39/011-954-1015 or write to

Indicative Cost Of Supporting Structure

  • LED Screens 2x1, 5 mt = approx. 3.500, 00 EUR
  • LED Screens 3x2 mt = approx. 3.700, 00 EUR
  • LED Screens 4x3 mt = approx. 5.560, 00 EUR
  • For larger proportions, please think over approx. 450, 00 EUR / sqm

Personnel Necessary For the Light-emitting Diode Screen Installation

  • letter. 1 electrician – approx. 300 EUR / time
  • letter. 1 carpenter which built the structure – approx. 300 EUR / day
  • n. 2/3 workers – approx. 250 EUR / time / each
  • n. 1 engineer whom finalized the task (if not current onsite, is at least reachable) – approx. 500 EUR / day
  • n. 1 specialist for ADSL net line (if required) – approx. 200 EUR / time
  • n. 1 crane as much as 15 mt + operator (if necessary) – approx. 950 EUR / day

Indicative Time Position of Our Specialist

  • LED Screens 0-12 sqm = 2 days (south Europe)
  • LED Screens 12-24 sqm = 3 days
  • LED Screens 24-48 sqm = 4 times
  • LED Screens Over 48 sqm or outside European countries = to-be defined

Size, Weight and cost of the steel Structure

  • Metal construction Dimensions = Screen Perimeter + 1 mt + 4 mt (for pole)
  • Steel Construction Weight = approx. 23 Kg / meter
  • Metal Structure Cost = approx. 550, 00 EUR for every sqm associated with the LED display

Size, body weight and cost of the building blocks

  • LED Screens 3x2mt at 3 mt height = approx. 3 sqm
  • Hole Digging and Concrete Foundation for 3x2mt = approx. 1.700, 00 EUR
  • LED Screens 4x3mt at 4 mt height = approx. 5 sqm
  • Hole Digging and Concrete Foundation for 4x3mt = approx. 2.400, 00 EUR

Indicative Price Of Transport

  • Surface: 3-4 EUR / Kg; Delivery within a week within European countries
  • Air: 5-6 EUR / Kg; Delivery within a week all over the world
  • Sea: 2-3 EUR al Kg; shipping within 4/5 weeks worldwide

LED Screens Customs Clearance Tariffs

Consult with your National Customs Authorities if you will find any fees for importing LED Screens inside nation. Supply them with the Customs Clearance Tariffs suggested below whenever distributing your request:

  • Light-emitting Diode Displays: 8531 20 20
  • Free Components Only: 8531 90 20

Significant: all costs, time and various other information contained in this table are solely indicative and additionally they may differ according to the nation plus the size of the LED video wall surface. Right here we report an estimation considering europe.

Connections and More Information

To find out more, give us a call today at the No. +39/011-954-1015+39/011-954-1015, or compose to . Click the link for Quotation on the web or go to the customers web page to see our newest installations and recommendations.

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