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Cheap Reading Lights

Kindle add-ons are way too costly. A few of the instances and lights I’ve reviewed at TabletPCReview practically cost up to the eReader it self, that will be absurd. While i could value the style and artistry which go into making a quality instance, that does not imply that i could afford to (and sometimes even wish to) spend $50 to $100 on deluxe accessories each time I buy a new handheld or tablet.

Sometimes it is much more enjoyable to see what you will get for the minimum amount of money. Then when I purchased a Kindle with special deals recently, we knew I needed a case and a reading light for this, but used to don’t want to fork out a lot of money outfitting my brand new digital reader. I discovered some very interesting products, however it took some digging–most of these things don’t arrive into the regular Kindle shop on Amazon. Unless you’re lucky enough to stumble across a number of the inexpensive things, you’d never know which you don’t have to spend $40 on a Kindle situation, as well as $20–you simply have to understand where you can look.


The Amazon Kindle features gotten way less high priced over time since it was first introduced, but that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t love safeguarding it on a daily basis. There are a selection of cases to choose from, including book-style covers, silicone sleeves, and slide cases. Every one has pros and cons, therefore to select the right one you should consider your requirements, eg whether you usually travel with your product, require an integral stand, or simply just wish one thing fundamental to protect the Kindle once you toss it to your case.

Boxwave Eclipse amazingly slide Case (.50)
If you’re searching for something a little more defensive than your typical silicone polymer epidermis situation, however you don’t need to get a full leather-based instance for the Kindle, you may consider the amazingly Slip instance from Boxwave. At first it seems quite similar to regular silicone polymer instances, but it’s made from a thicker, much more rigid rubberized material. It willn’t have the same smooth touch experience of silicone polymer; it’s smoother and shinier.

The fit about this certain situation is pretty tight, so that it usually takes some work to ensure you get your Kindle into the instance the first occasion you place it. You’ll have to put in the most effective sides of this Kindle first, and extend the base edge and sides of this case over your device. Once you achieve this you’ll note that all of the edges and corners are well safeguarded, and there are cutouts where necessary for the speakers regarding the back regarding the product, plus the power button and charge/sync slot regarding the bottom. The page change buttons for each side of the product tend to be covered, nevertheless area you'll want to press is labeled so they are nevertheless totally useful in the situation.

The Eclipse situation is some unlike others, with a unique group design in the straight back. It’s slight and understated, maybe not the kind of thing that shouts loudly, but the design nevertheless provides some modification. Better yet, the smooth area implies that it won’t attract every particle of dust and dirt like silicone is prone to do. It’s an excellent each and every day situation, and a beneficial price.

Boxwave Flexiskin (.95)
The Flexiskin is a silicone instance designed to offer every day protection for the Amazon Kindle. It willn’t cover the screen or supply severe impact security, nonetheless it does cover the trunk, edges, and corners in a soft grip material that’s pleasant to touch. It’s more content to put on for very long periods of time than the product itself, without adding some bulk. It adds some character towards Kindle, that will be great in the event that you don’t especially look after mundane dark-gray electronics.

The interesting thing the following is that Boxwave Flexiskin is apparently exactly the same item due to the fact CrazyOnDigital set assessed below, except so it has a tiny silver Boxwave logo stamped on the straight back, as well as the Boxwave item will come in various colors. If you should be just dying for a pink, orange, or white situation for your Kindle, or if you actually just require one situation instead of the CrazyonDigital family members pack assessed below, you can save several bucks and go with Boxwave as an alternative.

CE Compass Faux Leather Cover for Kindle 3 (.47)
This case is a book-style case, with magnetized tab closure regarding the front. It starts left, like a book, and you’ll see a slip pocket regarding left for receipts and other little reports. The Kindle is secured in case by sliding it in to the yoke regarding right-side. As you can plainly see into the photos, everything is covered, while making the web page forward/back keys on both part uncovered for simplicity. There was a small space regarding the left region of the screen, although fit is good enough you could support the situation upside-down additionally the Kindle doesn’t even commence to slide from the surface of the yoke.

You can easily fold the front address right back behind these devices while reading; the back for the instance is large enough and flexible enough to do this easily. Materials tend to be rather nice; while I don’t believe any person would mistake this case for a high-end government design, it is well made enough to stand up to informal aesthetic scrutiny. The purple material has a slight “grain” in addition to front cover is slightly cushioned.

There are a few harsh spots evident once I run my finger over the sewing regarding front side address, nevertheless they aren’t too obvious whenever you’re only taking a look at the case. The top of the Kindle, the web page forward and back buttons, additionally the harbors from the base of this product are all remaining subjected, so this isn’t the case available in the event that you plan to throw your Kindle into a book case or tend to be usually rough on your electronics. But if you want a book-style instance, and you’re more interested in price compared to ultra high-end products, you can’t fail with this specific one–it’s perhaps not perfect, but once again it is under $7.

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