Koncept Gen 3 Equo Daylight

Daylight LED Desk Lamp

Different brightness level with seamless experience
7 levels of brightness allow you to adjust various brightness to meet your specific needs.
Capacitive touch detectors are seamlessly built-into the base, sliding your little finger over the base it is simple to ensure it is brighter or dimmer according to your need.
The brightness remains on the earlier environment whenever turn on once again.

Lamp position can be modified to your taste once the mind rotates and certainly will be pivoted.
The lamp is fully adjustable, so you can make use of it in every strange part and adjust it therefore the light drops for which you require it.
Utilizing the superior top-notch our hinges, you will not get any difficulties with the hinges coming free from adjusting it.
Effortless on eyes
The LEDs offers you soft and steady light with DC supply and semi-transparent panel, working for you avoid eye fatigue due to flickering light and harsh glare.

Energy conserving
The LED desk lamp adopts power-saving LEDs having a 50000-hour lifespan and will endure over twenty years.
The lamp is rated to save lots of 80percent on your electric costs than a non-LED lamp.

Delicate Dimensions
The sleek human body of lamp provides an attractive, contemporary design whilst not crowding your table. Definitely, it's a classy piece for the modern decoration and taste.

Prepared to use
It comes ready to utilize, need not build on your own.
Go all around the home in which you may need much more light.

Key Data
Brand: Lighting EVER/LE; Item weight: 1.6 pounds;
Shell colors: Black; Power supply: Corded-Electric; Wattage: 6 W; Operating current: 12V;
Feedback current: 110-240V; Length of the energy cable: 1.5m.

About LE
Lighting EVER, abbreviated to LE, centers on producing the best lighting knowledge.

Source: www.amazon.co.uk
Crystal Clear Silver LED Daylight Floor Lamp Energy Efficient.
Crystal Clear Silver LED Daylight Floor Lamp Energy Efficient.
Daylight™ Ultra Bright Slimline LED Table Lamp
Daylight™ Ultra Bright Slimline LED Table Lamp
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