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LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This project came about because we bought some Light-emitting Diode lights direct from Hong Kong (at an excellent price, lower than US$5 each including delivery!) but neglected to test the screw-in base size. I'd bought some thing between E12 (US "candelabra") and E25/27; i do believe it had been E14. It's almost impossible to locate adapters to suit standard United States light sockets (E25/27) for those who have E14 lights, no one in the usa sells light accessories with this dimensions sockets. So, I experienced half-a-dozen bulbs that did not fit in any such thing I had. So what now? Easy! Make something that utilizes them! We utilized four with this task. Each lamp has 38 individual LEDs, so this project has an overall total of 152 white LEDs. That is adequate to read by!

Safety and wellness caution: This project makes use of energy from mains ("wall outlets") which have dangerous voltages. Do not try this project if you should be not familiar with standard electrical security methods. In the event that you ignore this warning, you may die, and it will hurt the complete time you may be dying.

Metric sales: measurements herein have been in the archaic English system. Sorry, Im American. You will find 25.4 mm into inches. Have fun transforming. Screw sizes are about equivalent, this is certainly, a Nr 4 screw is approximately 4mm in diameter. I do believe.


1 swingarm desktop computer lamp
4 LED Lamps about 1 3/4 inch diameter
1 white PVC pipe tee, 2 1/2 by 2 inches
3 white PVC pipe limits, 2 inches
1 push-push lover switch, two way, brass
Computer line cable bundle tubing, about 2 1/2 legs
22-gauge insulated line in two colors, about 8 to 10 foot
4 wire nuts for 12-16 gauge cable
1/4 by 1/4 metal angle, about 2 foot
Metallic squirt paints (I used bronze, copper, brass, and traditional bronze)
Metallic touch-up paint (we utilized copper)
Tiny paint brush
Clear nail enamel
6 Nylon zip-ties
Silicon sealer, one tiny (4 oz.) pipe. I utilized white.
4 brass timber screws, Nr. 6 by 1/2 inches
2 brass timber screws, Nr. 4 by 1/2 inches
2 brass wood screws, Nr. 4 by 3/8 inch
2 brass device screws, 6-32 by 1/2 inch
2 zinc-plated nylon-insert locknuts, 6-32
8-10 ins of heat-shrink tubing, tiny (for 16-22 gauge cable)

Assorted resources for electrical work (soldering metal, solder, multimeter)
long-nose pliers
saw (we used a dining table saw and a hacksaw)

5x Mag Desk Swing Arm Lamp Magnifier with Clamp
5x Mag Desk Swing Arm Lamp Magnifier with Clamp
LEDU CORPORATION Antique Floor Desk Lamp with Swing Arm
LEDU CORPORATION Antique Floor Desk Lamp with Swing Arm ...
Swing arm desk lamp
Swing arm desk lamp
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