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Through a rebate funded by Tri-State Generation and Transmission, United energy people can get a rebate on LED lighting effects services and products. Please review system details and item skills carefully. To learn more, contact United Power’s Energy Management Team at 303-659-0551.

LED Bulb Rebate System

  • LED bulbs
  • Lumen output of 500 or greater
  • Limit 50 light bulbs rebated per member, per year
  • Apply within 180 days of purchase
50per cent associated with
bulb costmax: ten dollars
per light bulb
LED Bulb Rebate Application (pdf)

System Information

United energy people can receive half the expense of a qualifying Light-emitting Diode light bulb, with a maximum of ten dollars per light bulb. Light bulbs should be LED services and products with a lumen production of 500 or higher. LED rebate applications should be submitted with buy bill and photograph or photocopy of presentation to validate item meets program demands. You have to get permanent electric service from United Power to be considered. Applications should be submitted within 180 days of purchase. Rebates tend to be restricted to 50 light bulbs rebated, per member, each year. Rebates are released as a bill credit and may also take up to two billing rounds after distribution to show up on bill statement. Submission of application doesn't guarantee rebate.

Item Verification

To be eligible for LED rebates, members must submit a finished rebate application, content or image of buy receipt(s), and a photograph of Light-emitting Diode products purchased to confirm the product meets the program demands. Members should be mindful to distribute pictures that plainly confirm the product is an LED light bulb and that the lumen production of 500 or better can be viewed. Distributing blurry photos, in which these demands are not simple to distinguish, may cause a rebate is declined.

Application Packets must integrate:

  • Rebate application form
  • Copy of buy bill with item and purchase day circled.
  • Photograph of presentation to validate LED and lumen output.

Return finished application packets:

  • Mail: UNITED POWER, LED Rebates, PO container 929, Brighton, CO 80601


I’ve bought a multi-pack of Light-emitting Diode Bulbs. Just how do I calculate my complete bulbs and rebate quantity?
Rebates are given because of the light bulb. The full total wide range of light bulbs in a multi-pack matters to your annual optimum permitted bulbs rebated. The rebate quantity is computed at 1 / 2 the fee per light bulb. To calculate your rebate quantity, use the complete cost for the multi-pack and divide because of the final number of light bulbs into the bundle. Rebate quantity is half the price of each bulb, around $10 per light bulb.
(for example.: A 3-pack bought for $12. The per light bulb price is $4 each, for 3 complete bulbs. Complete rebate for this purchase is $6).

Imagine if we can’t send a photograph of the item we bought?
United Power has provided a few approaches to distribute rebate programs and photographs for item verification. You'll submit programs and pictures and/or photocopies by post or provide all of them to the workplaces. Please make every reasonable effort to confirm to United energy that your item fulfills the rebate skills. A photograph associated with packaging may be the only way to validate your buy fulfills the minimal needs, since store receipts and invoices usually do not list the lumen production for the product. In the event that you cannot publish an image, United energy need the part of the actual packaging with a rebate application.

Does the acquisition cost feature coupons or immediate rebates?
Yes. Rebates are given predicated on final purchase price per bulb. Members are rebated in line with the final price paid after any instant rebates or coupons.

Source: www.unitedpower.com
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