Gooseneck Reading Lamp for

Gooseneck Reading light

Back in 2003 we introduced our first number of LED task lights. Since that time we now have made continuous improvements as Light-emitting Diode technology features evolved. Ten years later, our Littlite Gen V LED products excel in light result, shade temperature, color rendering and energy efficiency.

Life time warranty regarding the mechanicals, five-year guarantee regarding Light-emitting Diode factor.

Wattage: 1.5-Watt Light-emitting Diode Range
Draw @ 12-Volts: 150 mA
Light Output @ 12”: 398 Lux
Color Temperature: 4000K
Color Rendering (CRI): 85 Ra



AN AZURE alternative to our classic Light-emitting Diode show. L-LED-BLUE series lampsets provide a relaxed, cool blue light result besides the standard warm white light result. Littlite task lights are designed for simple area install installations or they can be used with our mounting accessories.

Offered with twelve or eighteen-inch gooseneck.

Visit photo to get more details and model listing.


Littlite LED Lampset with three-way rotary switch allows user to toggle between white light and red-light production. Heck, you can even turn it off! Littlite task lights are designed for easy surface mount installments or they can be combined with one of our installing accessories.


Littlite LW Desk Lights utilize a modified form of our CWB to mount a gooseneck and dimmer control generating a place saving, versatile table light. For sale in a dimming Light-emitting Diode and high intensity (5-watt halogen) versions with 12 or 18-inch goosenecks. The LW Series features an enclosed bottom and an integral power-supply socket. A 12-volt, solid state power-supply is roofed.


Littlite L-7 LED series lampsets are exactly the same as our various other lampsets but function an end-mount gooseneck allowing the gooseneck to lay level you should definitely used. Littlite task lights are designed for simple area mount installations or they may be used with our installing accessories.

Comes detailed with power-supply and mounting kit. Available with twelve or eighteen-inch gooseneck.


Comes that includes power supply and installing system. Available with six, twelve or eighteen-inch gooseneck.


L-18-LED-BLUE with bottom mount cord for on a clean, cord free installation.

Visit photo for more details.


L-12-LED-BLUE with bottom mount cable for a clean, cord no-cost installation.


Littlite LED Gooseneck light with 3-pin XLR connector. Available in 12 or 18-inch gooseneck length. Light output is white.
Featuring Littlite’s brand new proprietary LLX connector.

Note: Consoles require a dedicated 12-volt task light connector for use of the item. Light wont run on a phantom driven mic input!

Kindly look at your owner’s handbook for power compatibility before linking a job light to your system.

Video Review of the Ivation Multipurpose Gooseneck 7-LED light
Video Review of the Ivation Multipurpose Gooseneck 7-LED light
LED Book Light with Clip and Flexible Gooseneck
LED Book Light with Clip and Flexible Gooseneck
USB White LED Light Flexible Gooseneck Reading Lamp Black
USB White LED Light Flexible Gooseneck Reading Lamp Black ...
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