P5 LED Stage Screen for

LED Stage screen

“Magic phase” series LED display, which is the planet's very first led display with multi-use and multi-style, are the most useful vendor established by sure TECH that has 15 years of production & exploring the Light-emitting Diode screen. This product adopts the materials of Polymer Nanotechnology, realizing large accuracy and smooth connection. There are indoor kinds P3.9, P4.8, P5.9, P6.9 and outside kinds P5.9、P6.9、P7.8 an such like.

> Light-emitting Diode display with multi-use :

“Magic Stage” series first advertise its concept for universal usage, any particular one type could understand multi-functional result. This is actually the world’s very first Light-emitting Diode display with multi-use.

The littlest pixel pitch could possibly be just 3.9mm with clear and fragile image, which could fulfill all requirements in phase occasion.

Use as sky background curtain:

Adopting steel structure connector, and combining the unique framework design of secret Stage, curved shape within ±15° and light & thin features, Magic Stage can realize more innovative curtain shapes.

Use as dance floor:

Solitary case can stay over 300 KG, together with tempered glass, realizing a broader viewing position.

Including tempered cup on display area, with no bottom help.

Light-emitting Diode quality achieves 65536 dots/㎡, with 160°viewing angle.

Usage as arena display:

Adopting soft mask can protect the screen successfully with regards to gets impacted. And also the top of the display adopts soft cushion, which could protect the professional athletes when they collide with display unintentionally. Meanwhile, the bracket may be adjusted to ensure the most readily useful watching perspective.

Soft mask design guarantees the safety buffer of player and screen. Fixing with universal metallic construction connector.

Outdoor display for interior use:

With high refresh & grey scale chips, even decreasing the brightness to interior usage, it still could well keep the gray level at 14bit. Minimal outdoor pixel pitch hits 5.9mm, and it can affect both interior and outside.

For miraculous stage outdoor screen, when its brightness decrease to indoor use, the grey scale overall performance continues to be intact, keeping high image layered and bright-colored.

For typical outside display screen, whenever its brightness reduce to interior usage, the gray scale will be really wrecked, rather than in a position to show picture details.

> One Screen with different Imaginative Shapes:

Unique construction design with multi-hole connecting places and easy-operating connections can realize several creative forms by straight & horizontal dislocation set up and within ±15° curve set up.

Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games P4.46

Palm Expo 2014 P4.46

Source: www.yes-led.com
Smart series Indoor stage rental LED display Screen video
Smart series Indoor stage rental LED display Screen video
moire on led stage screen 1280x720
moire on led stage screen 1280x720
P4 floor LED screen,dance floor LED screen,stage LED
P4 floor LED screen,dance floor LED screen,stage LED ...
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