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LED pieces SMD 3528 vs SMD 5050Most of this flexible SMD LED light pieces that are on offer on the market today are generally associated with the SMD 3528 or the SMD 5050 kind, which is vital to ensure that you recognize their differences.

Before we dig much deeper into the cool features and great things about 3528 vs 5050 LED light strips, why don't we first give an explanation for concept of the so-called SMD LED, a widely used name for versatile Light-emitting Diode light strips:

SMD means exterior Mount Devices, that tend to be essentially very small and light LED potato chips which can be in the middle of epoxy resin. The so called surface mount technology (SMT) is a popular method for designing and production circuits where elements tend to be mounted right onto the surface of printed circuit board or PCB. It is possible to learn more about this important element of modern-day microelectronics in Wikipedia's article about surface mount technology.

These flexible SMD LED digest little energy but offer a strong brilliant light, and under ideal circumstances of ideal heat, existing and voltage the average time of versatile LED SMD light strips can reach up to a phenomenal 100.000 hours.

Now why don't we simply take a deeper go through the differences between a flexible 3528 Light-emitting Diode lighting effects strip and it is better relative the 5050 kind SMD LED strip and compare their features:

Fundamentally, the versatile SMD 3528 LED light strips contains only LED light emitting processor chip per burning resource, whereas the much more powerful 5050 SMD feature 3 chips in a single housing, and this is why these are typically often also called tri-chips or triple core LED strips.

SMD 3528 LED lighting strips have actually this title due to the fact measurement regarding the solitary chip is 3.5mm x 2.8mm, and are usually found in interior programs particularly in pubs and restaurants, living room decorations and more basic illumination projects with reduced luminosity or mono-color requirements and especially additionally when cost-controlling is the important as well as in purchase to save even more power.

To sum it up, the SMD 3528 chips tend to be more power-saving and value effective however as bright due to the fact SMD 5050.

Versatile SMD 5050 LED burning strips are high-performance, brilliant and have a broader selection of options such their supply in solitary colors also as a RGB color-changable kind. The SMD 5050 RGB version requires an extra control product but functions very versatile multi-color mode and that can quickly be modified into numerous colors and color combinations. SMD 5050 is approximately 3x better versus SMD 3528 kind and is usually used where greater light-levels are essential and can be used as a replacement for old-fashioned fluorescent light tubes.

The SMD 3528 plus the more powerful SMD 5050 version are provided in 5 meter reels, using normal power consumption of SMD 3528 being ca. 5W per meter, while SMD 5050 uses much more power and a ca. 7.5W per meter, while occasionally LED manufacturers may also offer additional effective ultra-white SMD 5050 LED light pieces that will emit to 720lm per meter with a power usage of to 14.5W per meter.

From a cost point of view, the more effective SMD 5050 LED light pieces are far more pricey however and for lighting options that require large luminosity you would mainly go for SMD 5050 considering that the expense per lumen is lower than with SMD 3528.

We at LEDLuxor recommend the usages of flexible SMD 3528 LED light strips for normal domestic usages with mid-power demands so when cost-saving is the key element, while SMD 5050 LED light pieces are better appropriate RGB color options when luminosity requirements are greater plus demanding.

Source: www.ledluxor.com
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