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From galleries to manufacturing plants, studios to stadiums, restaurants to sleep stops, and everywhere among – We possess the powerful LED solution available.

LED Waves works together resellers alongside expert illumination specifiers on many commercial and industrial building jobs including burning retrofits. Devoted to your main point here, currently enduring, energy-saving custom LED approaches to optimize ROI while delivering a people-pleasing top-notch light.

Our sales specialists maintain your project running smoothly with factory direct pricing and real time accessibility for several our products and components, while our services and products go security and high quality inspections with flying colors. Light-emitting Diode surf can offer the necessity test reports, certifications, and customer service you ought to make sure the popularity of your burning enterprise.

Cutting-Edge LED Technology
Our clients gain access to a talented team of engineers. Our on-site R&D department earnestly seeks away and evaluates the latest breakthroughs in LED technology for the project.

Manufacturer Mobility
There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all Light-emitting Diode option. We have the capabilities to adjust our procedures and customize some of our items – or build you a new one – to your exact requirements.

Effective Supply Chain
Our supply sequence is the backbone of our company. By consolidating operations in one place, LED Waves offers unrivaled transparency, high quality, and value to our customers.

LED Innovations for Industrial & Commercial Projects
LED Waves partners commercial and manufacturing lighting effects specifiers with custom Light-emitting Diode solutions for interior or outdoor applications. Our services and products function with industry-leading power savings, quality of light, and overall performance to make certain customer care and maximum ROI.

Meet Quality Guidelines & Rebates Demands
Our services and products pass protection and high quality inspections with traveling colors. LED surf provides the necessity test reports and certifications to allow your commercial or manufacturing building task to meet rebate demands. Seek out the DLC QPL (DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products checklist) stamp on a growing number of brand new commercial and professional level products from LED Waves.

  • DLC™ certified: Light-emitting Diode Waves’ hottest products happen included with the DesignLights Consortium Qualified items List.
  • American Made: Our products are proudly manufactured in the united states.
  • LED Lighting Facts® lover: LED Waves complies using Department of Energy’s plan with regards to product performance and test reports.
  • ETL Listed Mark: The ETL Mark is proof item conformity to American security requirements.
Clients’ Testimonials
LED surf focuses on high performance LED solutions for commercial and manufacturing structures. See how our items and service make united states a preferred partner for professional illumination specifiers.LED surf’ Owl Pack series was outstanding solution for our outside flood lighting jobs. Their warranty and exemplary customer care makes Light-emitting Diode surf our top-quality seller of these items. LED Waves comes by for us with quick delivery, great services and products, and exemplary worth.
We've worked with LED surf for more than 36 months and bought 1, 000s of services and products. We now have had the opportunity to see LED Waves’ constantly evolving and improving type of products which tend to be very efficient, affordable and of top quality. Becoming tuned in to our customers is exactly how our organization has grown and LED Waves aids us fully for the reason that endeavor. No games, no hassles: Light-emitting Diode surf offers the solution you desire so that you can consider your business.
LED Lighting & Lights Wholesale | Wizbo LED
LED Lighting & Lights Wholesale | Wizbo LED
Wholesale LED Lights, led lights, led light show,led
Wholesale LED Lights, led lights, led light show,led ...
The Cluster LED Range @ Wholesale LED Lights
The Cluster LED Range @ Wholesale LED Lights
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