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Automotive Led Lights Wholesale

Knowledge You Can Rely On

Lumileds is aimed at providing best-in-class lighting solutions in Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier (OEM, OES) areas.

Our innovations have now been on cutting-edge of automotive illumination and have now generated the advancement and modernization of automotive lighting effects once we know it today. Many of them already became standard on modern vehicles. Our items are constructed from high-quality products and tested towards greatest specifications to maximise the safety and operating comfort of our consumers. These days, one out of two automobiles in European countries plus one in three around the globe is equipped with our lighting effects.

The best lamp for each and every application and every automobile.

Car burning

From high end lighting effects that improves driver safety, to lighting made to enable motorists to create their particular vehicle, Lumileds provides automotive illumination choices that help to make the most of your operating experience. Our Application Analysis enables you to find the perfect solution for front, rear, headlighting and signaling applications.

To learn more about our signaling and headlighting products, please take a good look at our product range. Our headlighting items provide not merely existing criteria in lifetime and look but additionally high end in reliability and vibration.

Truck Lighting

Lumileds is dedicated to developing lighting answers to meet with the requirements of big and little bus and vehicle fleet proprietors, transport divisions and storage professionals. Our lights keep a fleet productive as well as on the move by minimizing time-consuming interruptions and maximum overall performance.

Our MasterLife 24V item number was designed to fulfill the special needs of durability and lifetime. It gives maximum vibration opposition along with whole life extension technology. They last as much as 2.5 times more than any kind of standard lamp on the market.

Motorcycle Lighting

Lumileds bike illumination solutions offer a robust, bright light where it is needed most, while helping other road users recognize the motorcycle as soon as possible. Our lighting effects solutions not merely offer the security riders need, and the styling they appreciate.

The Extra Duty (ED) number for instance, might survive up to 20G speed, shown because of the Honda Vibration test. It may effortlessly be used to merely change the standard item. The new design with filament assistance plus sturdy material also enhanced the general toughness.

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