Outdoor P16mm LED Display

LED Wall display screen

Fast lock with precise positioning purpose for connecting left and right cupboards within 10 moments, preferred for stage leasing display screen;

2. Effortless Repair

Magnetic module framework for forward maintenance, easy to dismantle and put in within 30 seconds, steering clear of the component from harm with special security design;

3. Module Calibration

Calibration data written into the module procedure for uniformity for the brightness and color, attaining clear and natural images;

4. High Refresh Rate

Smooth and brilliant videos without ripple and blank, obvious photos restored precisely, taking the audience greatest visual pleasure;

5. Minimal Brightness And High Gray-scale;

Tall gray-scale available also below 200CD brightness, the layering and vividness associated with video superior to the traditional display screen;

6. Super Stability

High-quality elements and fancy processing craft, effectively reducing the blind spot price even working underneath the serious environment;

7. Seamless Splicing

Panel with smooth splicing technology, uniform movie without partition, black range and information omission.

Segments Model: MN25S
Pixel Pitch (mm): 2.5
Physical Density (dot/m2): 160, 000
LED Configuration: 1R1G1B
LED Type: SMD2121
Module Size (mm x mm): 240*240
Module Resolution (PX x PX): 126*126
Module Power Consumption (W): ≤50
Variables Drive Mode: Constant Active Drive
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg): 140
Vertical Watching Angle (Deg):
Brightness (cd/m2): 700
Gray Scale: 14
Refresh Price (Hz): ≥1500
Cabinet Resolution (PX x PX): 192*192
Cabinet Max Energy Consumption (W): ≤252
Cabinet Average Energy Intake (W): ≤100
Cabinet Size (mm x mm): 480*480
Cabinet Weight (Kg): 9.3
Cabinet Thickness (mm): 73
Cabinet Material: Aluminum
Colors (M): >16.7
Input Current (V): 110-240VAC
Refresh Frame Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Coverage Degree: IP43
Working Environment: Indoor
Working Temperature (℃): "-20°- +40°
Operation moisture (RH): 10%-90per cent
Source: www.esdled.com
LED Wall Display Jumbotron Big Screen Panel Rental and
LED Wall Display Jumbotron Big Screen Panel Rental and ...
P10 outdoor full color led video wall display screen
P10 outdoor full color led video wall display screen
P7.62 LED mesh display LED mesh screen LED stage HD video wall
P7.62 LED mesh display LED mesh screen LED stage HD video wall
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