LED screen Wall

The LED selection for Seventy Series show wall make has environmentally friendly design, versatile digital environment and intensely extende lifetime to understand better and reduced working price businesses for clients.


Our Seventy Series LED display wall surface methods are designed to require minimal maintenance and modification. Long-term, trouble-free operation is ensured in command and control area environments 24/7 by higher level technologies including:

Open Color Range with RGB LEDs

The Light-emitting Diode source of light (designed with RGB every person LED) provides a much broader range of color reproduction, enabling a larger selection of brilliant colors to be utilized the icons and signs frequently used in command and control areas. This fundamentally makes it much simpler for demand and control space operators to fairly share information.

Color Area Control

The brightness and color of all of the individual cube modules in a display wall surface could be adjusted together, significantly decreasing the time needed for installation and setup.

Digital Gradation Circuit

The brightness of every individual display wall cube module is instantly modified for optimal brightness uniformity from edge to edge over the multi-screen screen wall surface configuration.

Selectable Operational Modes

Equipped with an authentic Light-emitting Diode energy control circuit, each display wall surface cube are set-to operate in just one of a number of power modes. Because of this, command and control room operators can choose the brightness based on the environment and employ.

Multiple Picture Establishing

Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes have multiple picture settings, giving customers the freedom to choose the best setting based on the application and content being displayed. Optimized Color is the best for reproducing natural-looking colors, Vivid Color understands much more striking colors in icons/symbols, and Low colors Temperature is fantastic for background programs in broadcasting studios.

Modular and Upgradable

Using its standard concept, the Seventy Series LED display wall system is feature-packed and totally customizable to fit a customer's exactrequirements. Offered screen sizes include 50", 60", 67" and 80" for 4:3 designs. When it comes to wide-format models, you will find 62" (16:10), 70" (16:9) and 72" (16:10). The cabinets and displays are the same for both XGA and SXGA+ resolutions, needing less capital investment for updating.

Model Screen size (inches) Quality Front accessibility
Complete HD
62WE 62
72WE 72
70HE 70
50PE 50
60PE 60
67PE 67
80PE 80
Selectable Option Boards

The display wall engine has 3 alternative board slot machines. The range of selectable feedback panels enable versatile configuration to accommodate a person's exact demands.

Screen Options

Several display options are offered, including Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary large gain "black-stripe" anti-glare display, center gain mix lenticular display screen and reasonable gain black colored bead display screen designed for control room programs.

Source: www.mitsubishielectric.com
LED Green Screen Cyc Wall
LED Green Screen Cyc Wall
LED Ceiling Screen & LED Dance Video, Floor Wall
LED Ceiling Screen & LED Dance Video, Floor Wall
How to install LED screen wall Pantalla E-mail: flexible
How to install LED screen wall Pantalla E-mail: flexible ...
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