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  1. We see shrinkage when you look at the base coating when I treat, what do I need to do?
  2. Can I do a French Manicure with this range?

Q: I see color which comes down on my fabric once I wipe-off the Purify after the Brilliance top coating? Is that regular?

A: No, it is not regular. In the event the color is coming off after with the Purify it is because the dwelling base layer or perhaps the LED Gel Polish will be used too thick. Keep in mind thin coats are essential to own a fruitful solution manicure.

Q: we see shrinkage inside base coat when I treat, just what should I do?

A: Thin out your Structure base coating application. Before applying the dwelling base coating wipe as much excess item off the applicator brush as you are able to. Whenever you can view it running-down your brush then there is however an excessive amount of product in the applicator brush.

Q: may i utilize regular nail polish in-between the Structure Base Coat and Brilliance Top Coat using this system?

A: No. You can't utilize polish in the middle the dwelling and Brilliance.

Q: could be the Red Carpet Manicure range harmful to the normal nail?

A: No, red-carpet Manicure is certainly not bad for the all-natural nail with appropriate application. The manicure gives your nails included power to aid inside developing process.

Q: could i utilize red-carpet Manicure on Acrylic or Gel enhancements?

A: Absolutely! Just remember to get rid of the shine of this enhancement with a buffer before you start the Red Carpet Manicure application as you do in the normal nail.

Q: exactly why is my red-carpet Manicure totally peeling off after a couple days of wear?

A: Your Structure ended up being applied totally too dense and also the forward edge of your nail wasn't sealed back and forth. To fully seal the leading edge of your nail take the applicator brush and carefully sweep product regarding the no-cost hanging area of the nail.

Q: Am I Able To drench down with regular acetone to get rid of my Red Carpet Manicure application rather than the Erase?

A: Acetone will take away the Red Carpet Manicure application, but it is not recommended. The Erase has special moisturizing ingredients on it which help never to dry out the natural nail.

Q: Am I Able To make use of regular liquor to clean the nail as opposed to the Purify?

A: Using Alcohol to clean the nail just isn't recommended since it is too harsh for a Red Carpet Manicure application. When changing the Purify with liquor it will probably dull your fingernails in the place of giving you a top shine outcome.

Q: could i fill my red-carpet Manicure application once it starts to grow out?

A: Yes, it is possible to fill your manicure. Everything you need to do is just take a buffer and take away the shine associated with the nails. Utilising the Purify and a lint free wipe cleanse every nail to remove filings and debris. After that repeat most of the actions of a typical application. Don't forget to cover the entire nail not merely the re-growth.

Q: could i layer various red-carpet Manicure LED Gel polish colors?

A: Definitely! That's the reason this line is really so amazing and flexible. You are able to layer the colors on a single another to generate your own customized shade!

Q: may i use an UV light to heal my red-carpet Manicure services and products?

A: Yes. The UV light must be a 36-watt light or higher to heal the solution.

Q: Am I Able To do a French Manicure with this specific line?

A: Yes.
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