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LED house lights

The new Chroma-Q® encourage™ LED residence light is a powerful multi-purpose innovative lighting tool that utilises a few of the innovative core technologies based in the incredibly well-known Chroma-Q colors energy™ range. The encourage provides a range of breathtaking whites, smooth pastels and bold saturates - all from 1 fixture. By incorporating business standard DMX-512 control, the Inspire has the capacity to integrate seamlessly with an existing DMX infrastructure and certainly will be controlled by any DMX supported burning system. With completely homogenised color blending and either three different lens choices, the encourage provides a great selection of stunning combined tints and 'true' whites, without any unsightly colour split shadows. In addition features an energy-efficient compact LED design offering reduced maintenance and running expenses.


Fusing activity, theatrical and architectural lighting effects capabilities, the Inspire is able to seamlessly change the look and feel of an overall performance site, themed retail area or household of worship.

A Creative Tool

Whether found in an entertainment, architectural or home of worship context, the encourage provides developers with a tool to create conditions that seamlessly transcend the actual buffer amongst the phase and audience through the creative utilization of light and color. With encourage, impacts ranges from a subtle shift in colour temperature, to bold and powerful color modifications.


The encourage utilises Chroma-Q ColorSure™ technology for improved consistency when making use of several accessories. With RGBW colour blending providing a higher CRI of 90, the encourage can perform excessively precise colour matching.

DMX-512 Control

Making use of the encourage residence light's DMX-512 feedback, it is currently feasible to seamlessly map ceiling lighting, launching gorgeous smooth color results and cozy emerald seems to engage and captivate the space.

Energy Savings

With an incredibly low power use of 120W the Inspire will show you a significant roi along with its high energy efficiency.

Digital Camera Friendly

With a variable frequency from 600 – 4, 800Hz, the Inspire household light is incredibly camera friendly and can be modified to remove camera flicker and lens glare.

Optics & Dimming

The encourage's custom optical design provides a smooth, consistent output, coordinated by theatrical class dimming.

Chroma-Q encourage LED home Light

Key Functions

  • Fully homogenised ray
  • Range of slim, medium and large beam angle models
  • Obtainable in a black colored or white human anatomy
  • Stunning whites, soft pastels and strong saturates - every from a single fixture
  • Adjustable 1, 000K to 10, 000K CCT
  • Lightweight yet effective - 4, 390 (slim lens) / 4, 120 (method lens) / 4, 390 (wide lens) lumens
  • Incredibly smooth, uniform wash
  • Theatrical level dimming
  • Ideal for house light replacements
  • Silent convection cooled - no fans
  • Multi-purpose - ideal for many applications
  • Built-in power
  • Low-energy usage
Source: www.chroma-q.com
House dynamic led lights
House dynamic led lights
House LED lights
House LED lights
LED House Lighting
LED House Lighting
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