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LED Moving message display

Display takes quick string through uart and implements scrolling associated with the text on LED Matrix show. You are able to link microcontrollers straight to update the string or connect with Computer to deliver string to scroll. It aids various scrolling speeds.

It also aids static show of text without scrolling.

Structure for delivering sequence is simple and it can accept maximum of 255 figures of ASCII text. We supplied sample resource signal for testing with microcontroller including details on examination with Computer terminal computer software.


  • 48x8(384 LEDs) 3.75mm dot dimensions LEDs in Matrix format (8 Light-emitting Diode height and 48 Light-emitting Diode width)
  • Operates at 5V (800mA max present)
  • Can connect straight to microcontroller or Computer through RS232/USB
  • Numerous Scrolling rate supported.
  • Static display of figures without scrolling is achievable
  • Internal buffer for 255 characters show
  • Test origin code for microcontroller to quick start the application.

LED Moving Message Display 239x38mmPinouts

You will find just three pins to utilize the screen.

  • RX-IN = Enjoy Input :

    Feedback serial information of 3-5V logic amount, frequently attached to TXD pin of microcontrollers/PC/RS232.

    Note: don't link this pin to direct Computer serial interface without MAX232. It will damage the screen since direct PC serial interface features +12V/-12V voltage level.
  • +5V = Power Input: Regulated 5V offer input. Current must be capable of atleast 800mA.
  • GND = Ground level of power-supply. Should be typical ground with microcontroller.


  • Running Votage: Regulated +5V supply needed
  • Operating active: 800mA Peak - whenever all LEDs are illuminated up the screen takes 800mA, So have actually a supply of the much present. If no LEDs tend to be illuminated up the screen take around 100mA.
  • Communication Baud speed: here is the baud price the board allows as serial input string.
    9600 – 8 bit data – No parity – 1 end bit – Handshaking NONE
  • Serial feedback, It allows Serial input baud price of 3-5V current amount. Can link directly to any microcontroller TXD pins.
  • Volatile Memory: The show has actually internal memory for 255 characters. When show is driven off, the memory is cleared.
  • Light-emitting Diode Dots: Width are 48 LEDs across level has 8 LEDsAll LEDs are created on for a brief moment(1sec) during switch on to test the screen
  • Board measurements: 239 x 38 mm

Format for establishing sequence becoming scrolled on display

If you want to set a string for scrolling it could be optimum 255 characters. The baud rate of input to show is 9600 bps. The string begins with ! exclamation character that will be marked as start of string idenfier. The sequence ends up with CR (Carriage return, '\r', 0x0D, 13 in decimal) that will be acting as line feed personality or End of string idenfier. In the middle the ! and CR are optimum 255 bytes ASCII sequence to be scrolled.

LED Moving Message Display
LED Moving Message Display
Propeller Virtual LED Moving Message Display
Propeller Virtual LED Moving Message Display ...
PolyDigit™ LED Moving Message Display Glass
PolyDigit™ LED Moving Message Display Glass
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