Led light bulb tube 2-pin

2 Pin LED light bulbs

  • Do i wish to operate my brand-new LED lamps on a ballast or on straight line voltage?
  • Just what voltage do We have visiting the ballast?
  • Exactly what base kind do i've on my present CFL connect in lamp?
  • Tend to be my lamps running in a vertical or horizontal postion?

The two kinds of technologies in the marketplace are:

PLUG AND ENJOY This technology is the most preferred. Making use of this technology you merely witch the the lamp, maybe not the plug! The 2-pin or 4-pin lamp suits standard GX13, G24d or G24q-series 13W, 18W, 26W, 32W, or 42W CFL sockets and is running on the current fixture’s ballast. When you use the Light-emitting Diode connect and play technology the ballast life will actually be extended! Lunera, MaxLite, Green Creative & PHILIPS all provide the connect and play technology. We provide these brands because they're trusted lighting makers. So, you will update to Light-emitting Diode by changing the lamp. No downtime, no hassle, no issue.

DIRECT CABLE The direct cable option is made use of when you want to "bypass" the ballast. By bypassing the ballast you may be getting rid of the ballast from system and taking the line current at the fixture straight into the socket base. The direct cable strategy involves completely rewiring and relabeling the fixture. To find the direct wire options you should get the PL or PL-L lamps which are ranked "120-277V"

Source: www.atlantalightbulbs.com
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