Instrument Panel Ultra Bright

Super bright LED light bulbs

globeExchange standard commercial fluorescent T8 pipe lights with Light-emitting Diode panel lights to eradicate dangerous waste and achieve unparalleled power cost savings. LED panel lights are excellent for office lighting, retail illumination, class room illumination, grocery store lighting effects plus.

LED T8 Tubes Substitution Bulbs

T8 LED tube lights with G13 (method bi-pin) bases are designed to replace old-fashioned fluorescent pipe illumination alongside specialty linear tube type incandescent light bulbs within commercial lighting fixtures.

Retrofit Can Light Kits

LED can lights are perfect for commercial downlighting and possess significant overall performance over standard incandescent accessories in color rendering and energy efficiency. Retrofit present can lights for workplace illumination, hallway lighting effects or medical center illumination applications or use within a fresh construction.

Sign Lighting LED Segments

LED indication modules supply also lighting in a tight package. We offer a big selection of single-color, RGB, and UL-Recognized modules in a number of Light-emitting Diode designs, colors, ray angles, and intensities for indoor and outdoor uses, including channel letters, indication illumination, under-cabinet lighting effects, shop screen illumination, screen situation lighting, canopy lighting, plus!

Exit Sign Replacement Bulbs

Our Light-emitting Diode exit sign replacement bulbs are designed for emergency energy failure lighting effects and exit sign illumination. These LED light bulbs are made to last at least 30, 000 hours—15 times more than traditional incandescents!

Show Lighting for Retail

Success in retail relies greatly on impressions. Your products or services will truly get noticed in crisp, obvious lighting of high CRI LED Lights. Ideal for retail roof illumination, retail racks, display cases, as well as changing your old fluorescent accessories.

Super Bright "Plasma" LED 1157 Taillight Bulbs
Super Bright "Plasma" LED 1157 Taillight Bulbs ...
Super bright LED brake light bulbs + Hyper Lites flashing
Super bright LED brake light bulbs + Hyper Lites flashing ...
New 60 / 60 dual color led light bulbs super bright white h
New 60 / 60 dual color led light bulbs super bright white h
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