Led digital clock display

LED Digital Clock display

Digital clocks, specifically synchronized digital clocks, keeps any workplace operating on time. Digital show Systems holds many different types of clocks, perfect for used in business, schools, federal government offices, hospitals or other place where precise time is necessary for effectiveness.

Our electronic clocks are available in a variety forms, platforms and sizes, and ready to mount on a wall surface or roof. Utilizing LED technology, our electronic clocks provide ultra-bright visibility for single-sided, double-sided, and four-sided screen. Whether you've got a tiny office or large-scale business, our digital clocks were created for readability, effortless development and energy efficiency.

Calendar Clocks

Digital show offers four different kinds of calendar clocks including a full-month view, julian, alpha or month/day calendar. Using Dot Matrix technology, LED can be purchased in purple, yellowish, green and blue with personality heights including .7” to 2” and lettering in every language.

LED Timer Clock

Like a big remote-controlled stopwatch, LED timers can familiar with accurately determine time periods. Total or countdown, these rpogrammable timers are excellent for production services, sporting events, schools, hopsitals or other location where stop-and-go times are essential.

  • Numerous digit sizes offered by 1.2”up to 2“ digits
  • 4-digit, 6-digit and 10-character LED displays so you can customize information to most readily useful match your requirements
  • Super bight Light-emitting Diode technology obtainable in purple, yellowish, green and blue LED
  • 12- and 24-hour display
  • Non-glare lens for readability
  • Anodized aluminum frame for toughness
  • Wireless handy remote control option for effortless development
  • 10-year lithium battery pack make sure accuracy even with an electric failure
  • To one second annually accuracy (TCXO)
Source: www.digitaldisplay.com
Digital Display LED Clocks
Digital Display LED Clocks
Countdown Display, Digital Clock, LED Display, Score Board
Countdown Display, Digital Clock, LED Display, Score Board ...
Digital Clock Large 7Segment Displays Led Strip 12 V
Digital Clock Large 7Segment Displays Led Strip 12 V ...
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