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2 Prong light bulbs

Really small energy-saving light bulb offering 100 watts.

Some lamp accessories need small light bulbs and have a limitation on maximum wattage. These fluorescent bulbs provide 100 watts of light with just 23 watts of energy.


4 years back

Great Value for A Brand Name!

The 23w CFL's worked perfect out of the package and tend to be however working great after 2 weeks. There's hook heat up following the temp drops below 50 degrees in garage, which was anticipated. The sole downside had been that the shade heat was not constant. A number of the light bulbs look a whole lot cooler in shade. State 3100k and some look once the package noted, 2700k. I was thinking that I happened to be just becoming picky, but my spouse noticed the difference also. I did not anticipate this from a name brand like Philips, that is ... read more why we offered it 4 movie stars.


one year ago

Decent Light at a Great Cost

I bought this four pack of 100 watt comparable CFLs for a brand new storage home opener We installed. I recently discovered that LED light bulbs can cause disturbance with garage home openers and their particular wireless remotes. I have switched the majority of my house light bulbs to LEDs and wanted to place LEDs in opener but did not desire to waste money buying them simply to possibly discover i cannot utilize them. These bulbs tend to be 100 watt equivalent but truly I do not feel they give on as much light when I keep in mind 100 watt ... read more incandescent light bulbs performed. Since this four pack was half the price of one LED, I'm not going to complain. On a side note, I'm amazed there is not a unique Light-emitting Diode bulb for garage door openers on the market however.

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10 months ago

60W Equivalent Smooth White T2 Spiral CFL Bulb Evaluation

I take advantage of these bulbs in external accessories that burn through the night and turn off with a sensor at daylight. These are the appropriate dimensions when screwed into a sensor add on in my advisor lamps to allow for the address to shut. I would personally would rather make use of LEDs, however they are also tall to permit the address to close whenever used with a sensor.


4 months ago


Purchase of 60 watt cfl light bulb (4 pack not 24) had been a vary good value


They work

Looking for a bulb? Well look no further. These things work. They lit up the space well and were effortless enough for my girlfriend and I to put together. Talk about a bright idea!


7 months ago

Resilient With Unique Look

I will be undergoing changing all my regular incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient and enduring light bulbs. I compared this CFL light bulb to another 60 watt comparable LED bulb. The very first thing you notice about that bulb is its extreme large-size. Its an astonishing 7.6 inches length, in another of my images I compare its large size towards Light-emitting Diode bulb and it is twice its size. However, lots of people who are selecting an industrial/modern design look will discover this bulb appealing in hanging ... read more light accessories. Be cautious in making use of this in regular lights. The light bulb had been way too long in a few you can see it hanging on the side. (see pic.) lamp makers often base their light bulb endurance on 3 hours a-day usage. This bulb lasts 7.3 many years and has a two year guarantee which can be perfect for a light light bulb and a vast enhancement over incandescent. But for contrast, an LED light bulb is meant to endure over 18 many years. The light through the bulb is quite warm and contains a browner/yellower tone. (see pic compared to Light-emitting Diode) nevertheless the light is slightly dimmer compared to various other 60 watt equivalents. For technical numbers the brightness for this bulb is 695 lumens when compared with the brighter bulb it is versus at 810 lumens. In general however, it had a pleasing light high quality and I would recommend this bulb to anyone seeking a warm well toned, special looking light bulb.

Seeds Program Evaluation


Love this bulb!!!

I purchased this bulb to make use of in a pendant lamp with a definite glass tone. I required a light bulb which would provide adequate light over my dining table and making a statement in a very contemporary fashion. It really is a discussion piece and!


a few months ago

Great Art Part, but...

I have not been a fan of all compact fluoresent lighting effects, for starters distinct reason- the greenish cast of the lighting effects. Though we appreciate the long life and low-energy facet of CFLs, that unique cool pallor features always placed me personally down. I recently choose the warmth of incandescent lighting effects. We decided to go with this Plumen bulb since it is known as "warm white, " but it undoubtedly gives off the typical greenish, cool tint of most CFL light bulbs. Really disappointed in that aspect. Artistically, it is extremely cool. But warm white? Scarcely.


9 months ago

CFL indoor flooding lights

Easyb to put in, really bright, power conserving, a little more cost compared to the old floodlights but perform the job well. My only disadvantage could be the dimmability of those bulbs... they really aren't dimmable like some others.


Fundamental, good light bulb

These bulbs tend to be priced correct, and give a tremendously good, reasonably soft white light. I'm using them into the storage, and certainly will start to see the materials I need to work on.


a couple of years ago

They're exceptional light bulbs

I love the white sunlight light bulbs maybe not the yellowish soft white light bulbs people usually get. They are great and bright and do a fantastic job rendering colors. They seem to produce more light as compared to older yellowish light bulbs I'd. I enjoy all of them.


Good purchase

I had a 3-way incandescent bulb in a lamp in my office that I always set-to high. It produced a huge amount of temperature. And so I changed it with this specific light bulb. I produces far less heat but only goes to high. Do not care. It's cooler and at the setting Needs. It took a bit for Residence Depot to get it but which was okay with me.


Lamp at an excellent cost

Great product at an excellent price and fast distribution towards the store


150W comparable soft white A19 spiral CFL light bulb

Recommended a brilliant light for dining section of that your fixture was an old-fashioned colored cup color with just one light bulb. I researched the CFL light bulb strength and discovered the most wonderful brilliant reader light bulb.


This is exactly what you will need to provide your property adequate light

It’s this that you may need because because of the brand-new technology as well as the new law about old light bulbs going away, not one of more recent ones with weaker wattage will give myself adequate light for my home. The 75 watts plus 100 watts light bulbs within class aren't that bright. That one is very brilliant, 200 watts, but consumes significantly less than that in electrical energy. It's alot more pricey, compared to the older light bulbs, but it lasts much longer. So ultimately, because of the cost savings realized from reduced power consumption, and ... find out more longevity, it really is right about the price of the older light bulb, and on occasion even less expensive. So I suggest it. dan le

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