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Electro MEDIA Int'l has been doing the outside electric marketing company since 1992, when outdoor Light-emitting Diode technology was developed. We started as an end-user and quickly became suppliers of the finest Quality/ Price LED signs, internationally. Unlike most makers whom just sell gear, we can recommend a "full Business answer".

Electric video clip panels are seen as the hottest outdoor marketing medium of the 3rd Millennium. Thanks to the growth of brand-new REAL COLOR, ULTRA-BRIGHT LED technology, outdoor electric billboards are actually with the capacity of doing like a proper OUTDOOR TV, even under sunlight. Exactly what else apart from an attractive, animated huge outside marketing and advertising video clip display can grab people's interest on a busy street, whether pedestrians or inside a motor vehicle or a bus, caught in a traffic jam? Regular poster billboards, while appealing when recently installed, could become dull, lifeless and also unnoticed after just couple weeks, in comparison to electric video clip marketing and advertising display screen that refreshes itself constantly.
Operated by Computer, this type of board can show any TV professional, any Live occasion, any useful information, and any breaking development instantly, from any remote place. The picture is bright and breathtaking, specially through the night, with an incredible number of bright colors on display. Noise can also be added on unique occasions, switching this board into a huge outside television. The ideal location because of this form of marketing board is a really busy road (either packed with pedestrians and/or vehicles with slow traffic), or a major intersection. It's not recommended becoming installed on hi-speed highways or major streets, regardless if automobile traffic count is large, because individuals wont have time to see numerous ads. or videos.

Getting into an electronic marketing company is getting a reasonable venture, and RETURN is extremely appealing. A fascinating point is this particular equipment are funded through LEASING, which can be a rather attractive economic tool.
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The financial investment is composed of 3 parts: Board(s) expense, Location(s) lease and invite costs, workplace and running prices.

A- Board cost:
- the average size board (approx. 20 M2 - 220 sq.ft.)
expenses between $20, 000 and $50, 000 (based quality & LED kind)
- a beneficial dimensions board (approx. 40M2 - 440 sq.ft.)
expenses between $40, 000 and $75, 000.

- a sizable dimensions board (approx. 80M2- 880 sq.ft.)
prices between $70, 000 and $150, 000 USD.

NOTE: Prices are only indicative you need to include steel frame, installation etc...

B- Location and permits prices:
A prime area must be guaranteed, through location local rental and enable acquirement. This differs from nation to nation, town to town, and area to area. No correct estimation might be made, because prices differ so much, despite the fact that a decent location is expected at $12-24.000 annually.
But there is however a brand new and incredibly interesting idea, that may save yourself location lease and then make you in the course of time more money than a "fixed" board, by placing a digital video board over a truck or trailer, and go it from a single hot or prime location to some other, at differing times of this time or days of the few days, or putting the vehicle on sporting and political events, shows etc...In this case, you merely have to get a permit, and invest on a truck or trailer, but we highly believe that return could be great, although financial investment is limited.

C- Office, staff members and procedure costs:
Frequently, around 100 M2 - 1000 sq.ft. company is essential to perform a business such as this. A 6 to 8 men and women team can also be needed to run this workplace: A Manager, a Secretary, 2 product sales representatives. (or more dependent on each marketplace), 1 computer system visual Designer and 1 part-time accountant.
Operating prices are essentially company expenses (employees, phone and power bills, etc..) plus power bill incurred by board. Here too, no correct estimation could possibly be made as it varies such from a single nation to another. But a significant average is $10.000 - $20.000 30 days.

Outdoor LED Display Advertising - Ahmedabad by Selvel Media
Outdoor LED Display Advertising - Ahmedabad by Selvel Media
The most influential outdoor advertising LED Display in China
The most influential outdoor advertising LED Display in China
Large Outdoor Advertising Led Display Screen Manufacturer
Large Outdoor Advertising Led Display Screen Manufacturer
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