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LED advertising screens

Our Light-emitting Diode display screens and LED advertising costs panels are incredibly properly designed, durable, dependable, and eco-friendly products. They arrive in a comprehensive range and selection of sizes, offering considerable budget savings. The Light-emitting Diode show displays and LED marketing and advertising bill boards also include functions such as for instance, temperature screen and clock. They're constructed from superior quality, natural material that will truly improve the durability of items. Our LED displays is demonstrably seen from hundreds of meters even in the day time and are incredibly brilliant that even sunshine cannot overrule them.

A top quality in all of your Light-emitting Diode display product range is always maintained by Vegas LED Screens, being successfully win the trust of your customers. a well-defined quality policy of Las vegas LED Screens guarantees premium quality of all of our finished products and constantly strives to go beyond customer expectations in every respect of business and solution. We effortlessly handle the increasing needs of marketplace.

LED Screen Items

We could deliver complete array of different Light-emitting Diode display displays and Light-emitting Diode marketing costs panels and related machines inside domestic also intercontinental marketplace. Our LED show displays and marketing and advertising bill boards are particularly interesting and excellent media for interior and outdoor marketing tend to be demonstrably noticeable from very long length. You just should connect into an electrical plug, prepare and weight your presentation (through easy to use computer software, which is sold with the item), install (easy mount system included) and show towards customers.

You could create animations to entice people’s interest by the addition of bmp images from your own computer or cause them to become using the offered software. Single or multi outlines of text and pictures can certainly be quickly produced by the included pc software. At every phase of creation of these Light-emitting Diode display screens and Light-emitting Diode marketing bill panels, a team of experts thoroughly tests the item in order to whether or not it complies with intercontinental quality requirements. You can easily set-up to eight split presentations showing at pre-programmed times, which will be ideal for targeted viewers, control efficient commercial time for if you have a targeted campaign.

Our Light-emitting Diode screen displays and Light-emitting Diode marketing costs boards may be made according to the measurements of the standard casing. The dimensions of the Light-emitting Diode indications can easily be extended, also long after your initial buy. These panels are easy to programmed because of the expertly developed and intuitive pc software that may be effortlessly modified into the customer’s needs. They will have a number of other advantages like their handiness, super-thinness, transparency, rainproof, extremely large area application and simple installation. Also they are resistant to assaults by stones, paint, etc.

Kindly click the sections below discover more information about our LED screens, Light-emitting Diode marketing and advertising bill panels, LED indications and Light-emitting Diode displays:

  • indoor Light-emitting Diode displays (9 Articles )

    Indoor LED Screens & Indoor LED Displays Products Many interior LED screens available are integrated operating Surface-Mounted product (SMD) technology, we've our personal SMD technology patented and now we call it DOT Matrix, considering that the three main colors (Red, Green and Blue) are put in the same DOT along with our brand new design we're also making much better brand-new technology indoor LED screens.

    That is in addition a style that is today extending into the outside marketplace, because DOT Matrix indoor LED shows do have more viewing angle and in addition a nearer capability of viewing distance. Our interior Light-emitting Diode displays have actually increased brightness and brilliant color-mixture impact.

  • Outdoor LED Displays (11 Articles )

    Nevertheless, the application of digital movie outdoor Light-emitting Diode displays from Las vegas Light-emitting Diode Screens indicates a fresh phase of development in the region of outside advertising. A number of articles have previously discussed the strengths of providing info on Light-emitting Diode (led) screens versus the static outside really stands.

    It is not beneficial repeating, therefore, by this review and predicated on an effective exemplory instance of Las Vegas Nevada, one of several top marketing and advertising urban centers at the United States Of America that have over 300 LED screens around it, this is actually the success in a tiny USA town, although many dazzling one in all America. Vegas Light-emitting Diode displays can help you determine and build your outdoor LED screen project and boost up sales through aesthetic and effective advertising and promotion.

    Exterior LED Screen 3in1 SMD Requirements

    Below there is the technical specification for the integrated 3in1 SMD LED chips employed for outside LED displays.

    Pixel Pitch 8mm 10mm 12.5mm 16mm LED Brand Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Potato Chips Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Chips Optimum Brightness 7, 000 cd/m² 6, 500 cd/m² 6, 500 cd/m² 6, 000 cd/m² Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B Pixel Density 15, 625 Pixels/m² 10, 000 Pixels/m² 6, 400 Pixels/m² 3, 906 Pixels/m² Most Useful Watching Distance 8m ~ >400m
    (26ft ~ >1300ft) 10m ~ >400m
    (32ft ~ >1300ft) 11m ~ >400m
    (36ft ~ >1300ft) 12m ~ >400m
    (39ft ~ >1300ft)
  • LED Screens for Stadiums (2 Articles )

    Stadium Screens & Sports Displays

    The stadium displays and recreations shows are masters in showing publicity and game results. With a general public of an entire arena plus the games are showed on television the quality has got to be superb. Our in-stadium Light-emitting Diode marketing is powered by the famous outdoor LED recreations shows which makes use of 3in1 LED technology to boost the horizontal viewing perspective to above 160 levels. With such a super wide watching angle it does increase the quantity of spectators, and multiple adverts that may be demonstrated at a time.

    Stadium Screens and Refresh Rate Frequency

    The refresh price frequency for our arena screens, activities shows, soccer arena screens and border displays is finished 800 Hz, therefore no static is going to be shown when taped by a television camera and broadcasted on tv. This means with increased refresh rate frequency our stadium displays and activities displays can show flicker no-cost movie pictures, which include real time video clip feeds.

  • Mobile phone & Rental LED Screens (1 item )

    Cellphone LED screens are becoming ever more popular all around the globe. It really is a quick and easy option to go a Light-emitting Diode display screen from different locations to many other places everywhere you need, and is convenience for local rental and demonstration. All the mobile screens are used for publicity stunts transferring crowded places like concerts, locations and cosmopolitans, and also the many crowded rush hour spots to attract peoples interest, without the necessity to put together and dismantle the LED screen.

LED display,led screen,advertising led display I-Magic
LED display,led screen,advertising led display I-Magic ...
Perimeter LED-screen advertising solution
Perimeter LED-screen advertising solution
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