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Wholesale LED Flood Lights

LED flood light 50w wholesaleYou benefit from the most useful wholesale conditions right from Light-emitting Diode manufacturers when purchasing your Light-emitting Diode flooding lights along with other professional Light-emitting Diode lights from wholesale-led.com.

LED floodlights feature an extensive spread beam angle and uniform light circulation and are usually mainly made use of as landscape lighting for large-scale building, constructions and also your garden. You get from OEM/ODM producers and reap the benefits of high-performance LED illumination accessories to excellent wholesale costs.

Because LED floodlight produces uncompromising light with just a portion of conventional flood lights, they can help you spend less in both residential and commercial applications, while also helping to save our planet with amazingly environmental and energy-saving advantages. Join united states and go LED today!

  1. LED Floodlight Tunnel Lights 120W.10

    The 50w LED flood light from your own leading LED maker provides 4100 lumen luminous result if you take a bridgelux COB LED as lighting source. it offers hot white, neutral white and cool white for your alternatives. AC100-240V working and IP65 design, the 50w LED floodlight assists substantial power conserving by updating your traditional flooding lamp while reduce large carton footprint both for commercial and commercial applications. Get The Full Story
  2. $396.58

    Buy the economical 120W wholesale Light-emitting Diode floodlight tunnel burning solutions from Light-emitting Diode manufacturers and reap the benefits of lowest wholesale prices and top-notch overall performance or more to 80percent cost lowering of electricity bills by set up the 120w LED tunnel lights with around 10300 lumen result, IP65 waterproof and modulization design overall performance. Learn More
  3. $311.77

    The 90w LED floodlight tunnel burning solutions offers up to 7900 lumens brightness result while just customer 90w energy. Purchase your wholesale LED floodlight tunnel lights right from OEM makers and benefit from the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting effects technology for your industrial and tunnel lighting configurations by updating your out-of-date inefficient traditional flood fixtures. Get The Full Story
  4. $234.60

    60w LED flood light tunnel light B2B wholesale from your leading Light-emitting Diode lighting producer. This has 48 products of Bridgelux processor chip LEDs mounted and warm white, natural white or cool white versions to customize your commercial or outdoor illumination options. IP65 waterproof overall performance and illumination modulization design. PMMA lens and Meanwell energy driver with AC100-240V 50/60Hz input. Discover More

  5. $158.87

    100w LED flooding light B2B wholesale right from qualified LED maker to American and UNITED KINGDOM - update your present flooding light systems today and take advantage of an assured high end as: 100 watt usage, 8000 lumens brightness output, IP65...
LED Flood lighting High Power 100W Wholesale LED flood light 10w
Source: www.wholesale-led.com
The latest outdoor led flood lighting lamp with wholesale
The latest outdoor led flood lighting lamp with wholesale ...
LED flood light 150w/180w from shenzhen wholesale factory
LED flood light 150w/180w from shenzhen wholesale factory
Wholesale 12/24 volt Flood/Spot Super Bright LED Lights
Wholesale 12/24 volt Flood/Spot Super Bright LED Lights ...
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