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Outdoor Colored LED Flood Lights

best-led-flood-lightthe reason why? Because i have already been with them throughout my outside movement lights for security all over residence – having changed every one of the standard tungsten incandescent flooding lights / spotlights.

Recently I bought and installed a number of more of these Light-emitting Diode bulbs for my ‘RAB Stealth’ outside movement lights so that you can considerably decrease their particular power usage – which is especially important to me personally since I’m working off-grid solar energy. But that is maybe not the actual only real reason…

These Light-emitting Diode floods are currently the greatest replacement that I’ve discovered.
And here’s why…

First, i have already been making use of these (RAB) outdoor motion lights for several years (they are the best in business). Until recently (since these Light-emitting Diode replacement bulbs were developed), I experienced already been using your typical 150 watt flooding light or limelight combo. Whenever a few of these lights had been on at a time (We have a number of movement lights), they were ingesting numerous countless watts. Since I Have will have solar power panels (and a battery lender for nighttime power) I Will Be very alert to energy consumption that Light-emitting Diode replacement light bulbs have actually solved my issue…

Energy Savings in Watts

The Hyperikon® LED flooding light will save you more or less 85per cent electrical energy usage considering ‘lumens’ comparable (brightness), and only consumes about 10percent of exactly what a typical incandescent flood light utilizes. That’s a 90per cent cost savings differential!

Typical Flood light: 150 Watts
Hyperikon® LED flooding light: 14 Watts

It is not just great news for basic energy usage, however, if you have solar it’s extremely significant! But there are more main reasons why they’re the greatest (thus far)…

LED Brightness Comparison

Brightness is expressed by a technical term labeled as ‘lumens’.

A ‘typical’ 150 watt incandescent flooding light generates about 1700 lumens. The LED replacement flood light that I’m comparing in this article puts out 1240 lumens (about 73% equivalent). BUT I’ve surely got to inform you that I really scarcely notice any distinction while evaluating this generated the regular flood light… which may be considering facets such as the ray perspective, reflector design, and/or color temperature.

This Light-emitting Diode replacement light bulb features a beam direction of 40 levels (even though they call it a ‘flood light’). The light truly is ‘pushed’ online through the reflector design. In addition, there's adequate surrounding light versus the ‘directed’ light – making for a very good ‘flooded’ combine in my experience.

Color Heat

led-motion-lightThis refers to how the cast for the light seems to your eyes – in gradients from cozy to cool (reddish/yellow to blue/white).

Hyperikon® makes this Light-emitting Diode light bulb in three different color temperatures.
Daylight White (4000K)
Soft White Glow (3000K)
Warm Glow (2700K)

We have purchased the 4000K and the 3000K for my outdoor motion lights. With that in mind, we certainly like 3000K LED light bulbs because the shade temperature is nearly identical to a traditional flooding light. it is not ‘white’ or ‘blue’, nonetheless it features a significant yellowish hue which I just like much better visually.

LED Flood Light Life Expectancy

This might be a figure where the LED really shines. Living span is immensely longer than a traditional incandescent light bulb!

Typical 150 Watt Incandescent Flood Light: 1.8 years
Hyperikon® LED Flood Light: 21 years (45, 000 hours)

Therefore as the Light-emitting Diode bulb prices considerably at first, it significantly more than will pay for it self because energy cost savings along with life span.

Extra Qualities Making It The Very Best…

DIMMING capabilities with a CFL/LED digital dimmer (which will also dim incandescent).

Special shade making technology, providing CRI90+ and R9>50. It’s ‘technical’, but with that said which means the light bulb is very good at reproducing ‘reds’ – which was a challenging thing in LED technology. Possibly because of this the reason why I Believe it looks so great…

ENERGY STAR qualified

UL-Listed [E472253]


If you’re searching for a Light-emitting Diode alternative to your outdoor motion lights, you may think about the Hyperikon® PAR38 LED Bulb, that I believe become top today…

IP65 Outdoor 30W Color Changing LED Flood Light
IP65 Outdoor 30W Color Changing LED Flood Light
10W RGB 900LM RGB Color Changing Outdoor LED Flood Light
10W RGB 900LM RGB Color Changing Outdoor LED Flood Light ...
Outdoor LED Flood Light
Outdoor LED Flood Light
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