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BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Jack Capuano’s frustration was evident following the New York Islanders’ Game 3 overtime loss to your Tampa Bay Lightning. The develop for Brian Boyle’s winning objective ended up being assisted by a headshot that went uncalled, he believes.

Early in overtime, Boyle took out Islanders defenseman Thomas Hickey with a higher hit across the boards. Hickey’s meant pass ended up being intercepted by the Lightning as soon as Tampa transitioned and registered the offensive area, Hickey was down on the ice as Boyle took possession associated with the puck as part of a 3-on-2.

The Islanders and their followers were demonstrably unhappy using the no call. Afterward, Capuano ended up being forecasting a coming suspension for Boyle.

“It’s an immediate chance into head. [He’s] probably going to have suspended a-game, ” Capuano stated. “The whole game, it mustn’t fall to that. [The ref] is standing right there. I’ve saw it many times today. Those would be the type of hits that we’re trying to eliminate from our online game. it is simply also bad so it had to end that way.”

Capuano didn’t have any up-date on Hickey’s following the online game.

On the other side, Lightning mind coach Jon Cooper performedn’t think the hit deserved much conversation.

“How numerous hits were in that game? 70, 80 hits?, ” Cooper asked. “I would state there clearly was 15 more difficult versus one Boyle was involved with, and something that has been actually a tough hit. In my opinion, [Boyle’s] had been a mild hit compared to a few of the banging that went on for the reason that hockey online game.”

Exactly what Cooper was referencing ended up being Hickey’s big available ice hit on Jonathan Drouin in the second period. The Lightning ahead left the overall game and passed all baseline testing before returning when it comes to 3rd duration. Later, Drouin called the hit clean.

Boyle said he performedn’t feel he was in every risk of hearing from the NHL’s Department of athlete protection.

“I’ve never ever had something like this within my career. At this point we don’t obviously have any control, ” said Boyle.

“That ended up being two guys trying to make a hockey play therefore ended up being fortunate it exercised for all of us, ” Cooper added.

Questionable hits have been a chatting point early on in Round 2. We’ve seen two suspensions already following a set of hits through the final two games within the Pittsburgh Penguins-Washington Capitals show.

Each of those hits had been punished. Boyle’s struck on Hickey, however, went uncalled and it are priced at the Islanders the game in Capuano’s brain.

“I don’t think Boyle’s trying to hurt anybody, maybe he had been, we don’t know, but at the end of your day it is a headshot. it is obviously a headshot therefore determined the results associated with online game. We Have To have-been on power play.”

With two full days off ahead of Game 4 Friday evening, the sour flavor in Capuano’s mouth from this game won’t be going away anytime soon.

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