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OSRAM is going into the new lighting period with a considerably extended LED lamp portfolio - an overall total of around 150 various leading edge Light-emitting Diode lamp types, including new services and products and updates of familiar top sellers. Implemented regularly on all lamps: the best feasible energy efficiency, high quality and durability. Assured future for dealers and users.

An extensive product portfolio, great light and gratification values together with an impressive cost overall performance ratio

LED lamps by OSRAM are described as their particular huge product range. Various types of bases and forms of lights - from screw and plug basics via high-voltage and low-voltage variations to reflector lamps, and classic incandescent lamp shapes - tend to be in your range. These are typically consequently ideally worthy of both commercial and exclusive use.

LED lamps by OSRAM: usable for pretty much all applications

Due to the broad range of OSRAM products, Light-emitting Diode lamps are the perfect option in a variety of areas – for new installments or as a replacement for classic incandescent lamps, lightweight fluorescent lights or halogen lights, and T8 fluorescent lamps. Whether for personal or commercial use, as an example in restaurants and hotels: LED lights by OSRAM are the perfect alternative for general illumination along with ambient lighting effects.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

OSRAM LED lamps are implemented in any application. This not just has actually a positive influence on your wallet but in addition benefits your complete energy consumptions: For instance, if each personal household in Germany were to restore just one single 60 watt incandescent lamp by a matching LED lamp, there would be a saving in power consumption equivalent to that of a medium-sized city. That could be around 1, 920, 000, 000 kWh of power or even more than half a billion Euros.

Did you know the reason why our LED lamps would be the right choice?

Outstanding quality

  • For sale in numerous typical forms along with old-fashioned lamp basics for easy replacement
  • Warm white light shade, similar to incandescent light, with shade rendering from good to very good
  • Instant 100 percent light, no warm-up time
  • Really sturdy, for a particularly long lifespan

High degree of effectiveness and durability

  • Mercury-free
  • No luminaire or system exchange needed as a result of easier replacement
  • Up to 90 % less CO2 emission and power usage versus similar main-stream incandescent lamps or over to 30 percent versus halogen lights
  • Outstanding ecological performance thanks to the reasonable level of energy consumed during production
OSRAM LED Lampen Video Tutorial | OSRAM LEDriving FOG
OSRAM LED Lampen Video Tutorial | OSRAM LEDriving FOG ...
OSRAM LED Lampen Automotive | OSRAM LEDAmbient DE | Ihr
OSRAM LED Lampen Automotive | OSRAM LEDAmbient DE | Ihr ...
Osram Spylux Sensorleuchte - LED-Lampen Osram Bioledex Toshiba
Osram Spylux Sensorleuchte - LED-Lampen Osram Bioledex Toshiba
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